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Travel News


By Judy Newell Mexico Travel News Puerto Vallarta’s Historic Center Named Cultural Heritage Site Jalisco’s Department of Culture has made Puerto Vallarta’s Historic Center a protected area, giving it a place of cultural and historical significance. This decision was made on July 21 to preserve what’s called the “most Mexican” beach destination. Areas protected include [...]

Pain and Painkillers (Part II)

By Salvador Quiroz Pain is an unpleasant sensation localized to a part of the body. It is often described as a stabbing, burning, twisting, oppressing, tearing or squeezing sensation. It is often described as a bodily or emotional reaction, often called terrifying, nauseating, or sickening. A pain of even higher intensity is usually accompanied by [...]

Therapeutic Tango for Brain and Body: No Partner Needed!


By Christina Johnson This workshop is comprised of exercises and musical movements to use for rejuvenating and invigorating the body and mind. Contrary to many forms of exercise that exacerbate joint pain, tire the back, and are repetitive and tedious, Argentine tango is always exciting and creative. We can begin tango as a therapeutic exercise [...]

What Lies Beneath?


By Cheryl Young Does San Miguel sit on a vast network of tunnels? Did rebels hide there from Spanish troops? Did government and religious officials travel by “underground carriage” for clandestine meetings? Was the gold and silver of wealthy San Miguel families stored beneath their feet? Naturally, rumors abound. In the eighteenth century, don Manuel [...]

Travel News

VOA 33-day cruise

By Judy Newell Mexico Travel News New Underwater Museum Coming to Cancun Cancun opened its first underwater museum in 2010, the Museo Subacuatico de Art—known as MUSA—and now the resort destination is developing a new underwater attraction. Announced in February, it is now underway, according to a report in Riviera Maya News. The museum will [...]

Introduction: Know Your Painkillers, Part I


By Salvador Quiroz It has sometimes been said that to heal pain is the work of gods. The healing of pain is certainly one of the main objectives of medicine. I will deal today and in my next column with physiological pain, beginning with a very concise and brief analysis of what some painkillers can [...]

Therapy for Brain and Body


By Christina Johnson What soothes your heart, lowers your blood pressure, cancels out diabetes, and counteracts depression? What allows more balance and confidence to those with Parkinson’s disease; and gives people with Downs Syndrome a way to solidly inhabit their bodies with more grace and precision? What unites your psyche with knowledge of the body, [...]

Bewildered by Retirement, Relocation, Divorce, Empty Nest?

By Margaret Nash Are you finding relocation to a foreign country a bit more challenging than you expected? Maybe your life is not quite going to plan here in your new adopted home? Nothing can prepare you for the culture shock you experience when you move lock, stock, and barrel to another country—even if you [...]

The Wild Muse Calls You To Show Up and Write!

Maia Williams - Turquoise by Lander Rodriguez

By Wyman Rousseau Monthly writing workshops, held in central San Miguel de Allende, will resume on Wednesdays, beginning August 8th. The goal is for each participant to produce at least one solid draft of a story or poem per week, for personal satisfaction or publication. Participants may use class exercises and writing time to revise [...]

Values in Painting


By Jonathon Williams In the four fundamentals of representational painting, values stand out as one of the most important parts. In a nutshell, values describe the gradation on a black-and-white chart, going from black to white. In painting, we are talking about the areas from the dark paint or color to the lightest. On a [...]

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