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By Salvador Quiroz   The Sun Versus Our Skin   Hospital H+ recently hosted a presentation by Dr. Blanca Farías on skin cancer, directed toward the general public. Dr. Farías, or “Doctora Blanca” as her patients know her, is a board-certified dermatologist in San Miguel de Allende and a consultant in that field for the hospital. [...]

Health Column

By Salvador Quiroz   Indigestion: Does it Always Indicate Infection?   Indigestion is a term frequently used by patients to describe a variety of symptoms that are, for the most part, very non-specific. To some patients, indigestion refers to actual abdominal pain, pressure, or heartburn. Others may use the term to describe a vague feeling [...]

Personal Health

By Nancy Johnston Hall Itch. Scratch. Itch. Repeat. I was the master of my own misery. When my neck, back, and scalp began itching like crazy this winter, I began scratching which led to more itching, which led to more scratching. I was trapped in the itch-scratch cycle. A dermatologist diagnosed the reason for my [...]

On Call: Health Advice from UC San Diego Health Experts


By Santiago Horgan Taking NOTES: A Q&A with Surgeon Santiago Horgan, MD, UC San Diego Health Surgeons at UC San Diego Health are looking for ways to take the cutting edge out of surgery by making operations incision-less. The trick is to operate through natural body openings, such as the mouth. Almost a decade ago, [...]

Think You Know Everything About the Flu?

HEALTH NANCY flu-sneeze

Personal Health By Nancy Johnston Hall We’re heading into flu season, from December into the spring. So now is a good time to find out what you know (and don’t know) about preventing and treating this common but potentially serious virus. True or false? The flu (influenza) is just a bad cold. False—a cold and [...]

Is Butter Better . . . or Not?

HEALTH NANCY Fats-the_skinny_on_fats (1)

Personal Health By Nancy Johnston Hall, Illustration by American Heart Association If you’re confused about which is best for your health, butter or margarine, be comforted—you’re not alone. For years we heard that butter was supposed to be bad for your heart. But then came the headlines, “Butter is Back!” and “Butter is Natural—from the [...]

Personal Health Stroke: A Brain Attack Where Minutes Matter


By Nancy Johnston Hall, Illustration by The American Stroke Association The parallels between a stroke and a heart attack are striking. The most important parallel is that both are medical emergencies for which getting to a hospital fast can mean the difference between life and death, a return to health versus a life-changing disability. Both [...]

Chronic Cough: Just Bothersome or More Serious?


Personal Health By Nancy Johnston Hall I had not even begun to worry until a friend said, “You’d better have that cough checked out.” Then the dire thoughts began—the worst, of course, being cancer. So I turned to the Internet and was relieved to find that a chronic cough usually is not serious. For nonsmokers, [...]

New Advances in Reversing Facial Sun Damage and Wrinkled Skin

By Adam J. Scheiner Did you seek a tan in your younger days only to be left with wrinkled and sun-damaged skin in your later years? Do you think you’re stuck with that damage? Conference New Advances in Reversing Facial Sun Damage and Wrinkled Skin By Adam J. Scheiner, MD. Tue, Jun 27, 5pm Teatro [...]

The Gift from Mexico: A Healthy Cuisine

Personal Health By Nancy Johnston Hall This is the fourth and final in a series about diabetes; however, it’s also relevant info for those without diabetes. Mexico has given us a wonderful gift: plenty of fresh food, directly from the farm and not processed from a factory, and a cuisine of rich and bold flavors. [...]

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