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Marc Chagall: The Poet Painter

Goauche and watercolor The Joy of the Village 1957

“Will God give me the powers to breathe My sigh into my canvases The sigh of prayer and sadness The prayer of salvation and rebirth” -Marc Chagall By Béa Aaronson I had to end 2014 with an artist whose message is one of love, hope, and kindness: Marc Chagall! This Jewish artist from the Shtetl, [...]

“Picasso in Italy: Art and Love”

LECT BEA La Famille de Saltimbanques, 1905

By Stephen Eaker Pablo Picasso has often been accused of indifference when it comes to Italian paintings, especially toward Raphael and Michelangelo, two artists he both appreciated and disavowed. On May 14, 1935, while in conversation with his dealer, Picasso said that he “would swap all Italian paintings for a Vermeer.” This statement greatly contradicts [...]

Fractals: Organic Sacred Geometry In Life, Nature, And Art

Lightning, tree, human blood vessel interconnectedness system

By Béa Aaronson Everything is linked…have you ever wondered what is at the core of it all? What links the universe, us, DNA, lightning, blood vessels, nervous systems, brains, corals, cabbages, elephant skin, mountain ranges, a leaf, a wave, a snowflake, a flower? Ever wondered about the similarities between tortoise shell patterns, spider webs, minerals, [...]

Dora Maar, Picasso’s Weeping Woman

Dora MAar 1936 photo by Man  Ray

By Stephen Eaker   Dora Maar was a beautiful and vibrant woman with an immense intelligence and a quick temper. She would paint her finger nails according to her moods, so when you see a Picasso painting of Dora with green finger nails, this is not just Picasso’s imagination at work. Her real name was [...]

Desire and Voluptuousness: The Representation of Women in the Victorian Era

Alma-Tadema heliogabolus 1888 detail

By Béa Aaronson I had the joy and privilege to be in Paris, my native city, while the Jacquemart André Museum on Boulevard Haussmann was offering a different kind of art exhibition. In a world harassed by noise, violence, angular visions, suicidal installations, and stress, here was a collection of Victorian paintings depicting amorously languishing [...]

Braque and Picasso: The Cubist Adventure

Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso

By Stephen Eaker   “Cézanne, the father of us all!” proclaimed Picasso for the rest of his life, after he had discovered the master of Aix during his early years in Paris. Cézanne’s late work shows an amazing reduction of natural motifs to square-shaped patches of color. The geometrizing of shapes in both his landscapes [...]

The Power of Hair: Symbols and Metamorphoses

LECT BEA 18th century hairstyles

By Béa Aaronson No other part of the body seems to hold such symbolic power as the hair. It is both part of our body, and therefore part of our individual identity, and yet, at the same time, it is changeable, and removable. Hair can be altered according to taste and fashion, social and religious [...]

Pablo’s Pets: Picasso’s Life and Work Through the Eyes of His Animals

San Miguel de Allende THEATER BEA

By Stephen Eaker Picasso’s life was blessed with the presence of many animals. Birds, bulls, horses, mice, cats, dogs, monkeys, toads, goats, and even snails found their place in the life and work of the Spanish genius. Picasso had five obsessive passions, in the following order: his art, his ego, his image, his women, and [...]

Henry Miller the Painter

Henry Miller paintings

By Bea Aaronson   Very few people know that the famous author of Tropic of Cancer was also a painter. Like his writing, painting was a metaphor for living life to the fullest. Miller belongs to this fertile earth of artists who used the verbal and the visual as the systole and the diastole of [...]

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner: The German Bridge to Modernity

Kirchner Girl under a Japanese Umbrella 1909

By Stephen Eaker   Ernest Ludwig Kirchner was born in 1880 in Chemitz, Germany, the son of a successful and renowned chemist. His father showed no resentment or resistance to his son’s desire to study art. Kirchner left for Dresden in the year 1901. He met other young revolutionary-minded painters, became the co-founder of the [...]

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