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Danzón: We Were Bumped, but We’re Back!


By Leonardo Rosen At the last minute, after I had made the announcement that our event had been approved, the Presidencia Municipal of SMA cancelled “El Danzón y Otros Ritmos bailables con el Club de Danzón Mercerina” an event scheduled for September 1, 2019. The reason given was that they decided to move the coronation [...]

Latin America’s Most Popular Rhythm Both a Blessing and a Curse at Social Dances


By Leonardo Rosen Even though danzón was born in Cuba more than 140 years ago and came to México shortly after, it is relatively new in San Miguel de Allende. Because our city does not have a well-rooted danzón tradition. we cannot play as much of it at our monthly dance events as they do [...]

The Danzón Went to Texas


By Leonardo Rosen In 2014, Dr Claudia Llanas, La Dentista Danzonera de San Miguel, and I received an announcement of a special danzón event in March of that year at the University of Texas at Austin. The grand finale was a concert with the very fine orchestra Danzonera Sierra Madre of Monterrey, Nuevo León, accompanied by [...]

Tango Therapy


By Christina Johnson This workshop is comprised of exercises and movements to music for rejuvenating and invigorating the body and mind. Contrary to many forms of exercise that exacerbate joint pain, tire the back, and are repetitive and tedious, Argentine tango is always exciting and creative. We can begin tango as a therapeutic exercise and [...]

Top Danzón Orchestra Comes to San Miguel in Free Public Performance

DANCE DANZON facebook_1555546837616

By Leonardo Rosen I cannot tell you how thankful I am for the wonderful treatment I am getting from the present city government. As some of you may know, it was not always thus. I give special thanks to Lic Verónica Agundis, Síndico Municipal (Deputy Mayor), and Lic Paulina Cadena, Director of Culture and Traditions. [...]

Aztlán-Azteca Dance Troupe at Teatro Santa Ana

Dance Aztec

By Ana Veronica Ramirez Rodriguez Before the Spanish conquistadors arrived in Mexicatl territory back in 1519, different tribes in Mesoamerica worshipped many different gods, but often for similar reasons. Whether they were Toltecs, Purépecha, or Chichimeca, these tribes prayed to the god of war, to the goddess of the maguey plant. Each tribe also paid [...]

“Duende: The Spirit of Flamenco” Concert a Revelation of México’s Flamenco Heritage


By María García Esperón A unique flamenco concert is coming to the Teatro Ángela Peralta on March 13 and 27—one that delves into all the sources that contributed to flamenco’s legacy. In the labyrinth of solitude that is México, flamenco defines questions of identity in terms of depth and pain. Long ago, we Mexicans stopped [...]

How I Met the Danzón


By Leonardo Rosen In my younger days, decades ago, I frequented the great Latin dance halls of New York City. Almost none of them exist now, but they are where I danced the standard repertoire of those times: mambo, chachachá, merengue, salsa, etc. Danzón had disappeared and was considered a museum piece. Virtually no one [...]

Danzón Celebrates Eleventh Year of Public Dance Events


By Leonardo Rosen We thank all of our dear friends for their loyalty to El Danzón y Otros Ritmos Bailables con el Club de Danzón Mercerina for the past ten and a half years. We do our best to preserve and promote the great Cuban/Mexican tradition of the danzón, which is now 140 years old. [...]

Flamenco Concert Highlights the Art Form’s Connection to Oppression and Suffering

alfredo espalda

By Peter Ramsey Great art, it is said, comes from great suffering. Flamenco comes from a powerful self-expression of culture in the face of toil and oppression. The Gypsies of Andalusia, Spain, were by trade, itinerant iron workers. The flamenco form Martinette is from the Spanish word martillo, meaning “hammer,” in this case, the rhythm [...]

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