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State Attorney General Says Recent Arrests Solve Several Open Murder Cases

Carlos Zamarripa Aguirre

Fiscar Carlos Zamarripa

By Jesús Aguado

State Attorney General Carlos Zamarripa Aguirre announced a new era of tranquility for the city in the aftermath of 10 arrests of suspects he claims have caused much of San Miguel de Allende’s violence this year.

Zamarripa Aguirre made the announcement on a visit to San Miguel last week. Five of the suspects detained, he said, are believed to be hired assassins. The majority of the 10 arrested suspects lived in San Miguel but originally came from other Mexican states, he added.

The National System of Public Safety, a national crime database, has recorded 69 premeditated homicides in the city this year.

The arrests included that of Jorge “N,” Ramón “N,” Luis “N,” Cristian “N,” Marcos “N,” Omar “N,” Marco “N,” Nelson “N,” Maximino “N,” and Jorge “N.” According to the State Attorney General, Ministerio Public officers apprehended some of the men with guns, drugs, and ammunition in their possession.

Mexican privacy laws require that authorities do not release the full names of suspects who have not yet been convicted of a crime. The letter N is used to stand in for suspects’ surname, not unlike the use of the letter X in the United States.

State officials attributed the arrests to intelligence and investigation work by the Agency of Crime Investigations, which teamed up with the State Secretariat of Safety’s Tactical Group.

“This was how the dangerous criminal group was identified. Their criminal operations were present in San Miguel de Allende, San Luis de la Paz, San José Iturbide, and Dolores Hidalgo,” said Zamarripa Aguirre.

The State Attorney General is responsible for reporting the number of culpable homicides and with homicides with intent to the National System of Public Safety. However, Zamarripa Aguirre did not give a figure for the number of homicides in San Miguel but instead emphasized that “a great percentage of them have been cleared up.”

Solved Murders

Zamarripa Aguirre also said the arrested suspects are believed to have participated in recent murders like one that was discovered on September 29. In that case, a man was murdered and beheaded. The murderers disposed of the body and abandoned the head in a cooler left on the Bicentenario Bridge.

In another high-profile case on October 3, seven people were shot during a funeral procession on the Libramiento Manuel Zavala. Two victims died. This case was also solved with the recent detentions, according to Zamarripa Aguirre, as was a case from October 2, in which a man was beaten and later asphyxiated with a wire, he said. His body was then found abandoned, wrapped in a blanket, on the road leading to Ejido de Los López.

Finally, Zamarripa Aguirre said, the arrests also solved a high-profile case in the city dating back to July 7, when a man and a woman were shot at a taco stand on Avenida Las Américas. In that incident, a mother and her two daughters were also injured. One of the daughters died later at the hospital.

Special operations team setting up in the city

Zamarripa also announced that a specialized group from his office is working in San Miguel in coordination with the National Guard and with state and local police officers. The special group will stay in the city as long as needed, he said.


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