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By Betsy Bowman

A dark comedy and taut environmental thriller inv


olving an Icelandic ecofeminist and a panel on the concept of neoliberalism are at the center of The Center for Global Justice’s upcoming offerings.

Woman at War starring Halldora Geirharosdottir

Halla, a charismatic choir director and environmental activist, decides to take on a corporation and their aluminum smelting facility. Publicly, Halla is a choir director and average good citizen. Secretly, she is also an ecowarrior, taking down the smelting facility’s power lines and leaving the corporation warning messages under the pseudonym “The Woman of the Mountain.”

All is going more or less according to plan in Halla’s valiant and uncomplicated struggles against polluting corporations, but as her actions become riskier and more audacious, she suddenly finds out that her request to adopt a Ukrainian orphan has finally come through. Meanwhile, efforts to reveal The Woman of the Mountain’s identity ramp up, and the people around her urge Halla to stop her campaign against the smelting facility. Halla has to decide what is the right way to move forward.

This film could be a reflexive celebration of radical political action, but instead is a thoughtful meditation on the ethics of extremism, the limits of nonviolence, and the proper response to global threats that aren’t just environmental or economic but potentially omnicidal.

Panel: “Neoliberalism” by Betsy Bowman and Cliff DuRand

The US public is beginning to learn a new word: neoliberalism. Or, at least, it may seem new, but the ideology of neoliberalism has influenced the policies of our political leaders for the last four decades.

Lax environmental regulations that have added to the pollution of our air, water, and land; cuts in social programs that have made life more precarious for many; privatization of social services such as education, health care, and public housing have all been slashed thanks to neoliberal policies. This political philosophy has brought us curtailment of social benefits that we had taken for granted. It has brought us free trade treaties and the shifting of our jobs to the global south. It has made a few immensely rich and the rest of us struggling to just get by—all in the name of getting government “off our backs,” as Ronald Reagan put it, leaving the economy to be guided by a free market.

Betsy Bowman and Cliff DuRand, cofounders of the Center for Global Justice, will present a critical analysis of neoliberalism. The claim that by unchaining markets from government regulation the economy would grow and everyone would benefit has been refuted by slow growth and stagnant incomes. The vaunted middle class has been hollowed out. Freeing the economy from government regulation has meant that democracy has been chained instead, and our lives have fallen under the control of giant corporations.

Neoliberal policies by both Republicans and Democrats mean that the parties have abandoned the people in favor of Wall Street. This betrayal produced the popular anger that elected Donald Trump president in 2016. This panel will explain the concept of neoliberalism and the impact these policies have on the US and global stage.


Center for Global Justice presents


Woman at War

Wed, Aug 14, 11am

Teatro Santa Ana

Relox 50A

70 pesos




Betsy Bowman and Cliff DuRand

Thu, Aug 15, 11am

Sala Quetzal

Relox 50A

70 pesos



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