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Workshop Tells How to Feel Light and Ageless after 50

By Sarah Grace Powers

Many women become frustrated when their bodies begin to change around menopause or afterward. The weight seems to shift in mysterious ways. Is it the hormones? Well, partly…but often not in the way you might think!

It can be alarming to see fat forming around the belly area, a phenomenon associated with increased risk of heart disease. A pre-diabetes diagnosis can also bring up fears.

While carrying extra weight doesn’t always lead to incipient health problems, most of us would rather not carry around that “backpack” of excess kilos or pounds. It can make walking and other activities more difficult, and it just doesn’t feel good.

Personally, I know that I want to move into my next decades feeling stronger, lighter, more radiant, and simply liking what I see when I look at my body in the mirror. I’ll bet you feel the same!

After teaching and studying natural healing and nutrition for decades, I consider myself to be extraordinarily healthy. And yet, I still got hit with this “body-morphing” phenomenon in the years after menopause. Worse, my vitality and energy dipped, and I seemed to catch every bug that came down the pike.

This motivated me to get serious about applying my knowledge and skills as a life coach and health coach. I dove into some deep study of the latest health and nutrition science—especially for aging populations. What I learned was astounding!

I discovered that many of the “truths” we were taught about staying healthy and fit have now been disproven! New research is revealing some cutting-edge ideas on food and lifestyle factors that support optimal health and weight.

I made some adjustments to my own choices, and I started actively using my life coaching tools to address emotional eating patterns. I quickly began dropping weight and feeling more vital and energized.

I know that feelings of desperation, combined with resignation, come with those post-50 body changes. It’s easy to succumb to the belief that this is just the way it is once you pass five or six decades of life. Yet, it’s not true! It is possible to feel vital, light, and fully alive at any chronological age.

If you’d like to learn more, join me for my upcoming workshop at Life Path: Ageless Health and Vitality: Three Simple Steps to Reshape Your Body after 50.

•Discover the three surprising things you need to stop doing so you can release excess weight.

•Identify the hidden cause of emotional eating and what to do instead.

•Learn the number-one strategy to overcome hormonal weight gain.

You’ll leave feeling empowered to take some positive steps toward your own health and vitality.

Email to register.



“Ageless Health and Vitality: Three Simple Steps to Reshape Your Body After 50”

Sarah Grace Powers, Holistic Life Coach

Mon, Aug 5, 3–5pm

Life Path Center

Rinconada de Aldea 29

300 pesos



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