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Heart to Heart Program’s First Street-Dog Trainee Just Misses Getting a Forever Home

By Marie Abercrombie

I don’t know if you were at my graduation, but the hot tacos, tea, and I were perfect. Wonderful Lesley Lustgarten generously provided the yummies, and my darling Julie made the tea.

It was a glorious afternoon for me as a newly educated gentleman. Boy, was I nervous. There were so many people in attendance. But never mind, my best new skills and my wonderful Leonel were good enough. You know, Leonel earned a graduation certificate too. He even earned a new shirt with his name and the Heart to Heart logo, his outfit then topped with a hat. What a smile that boy has. Remember: two hearts mended when befriended.

The sweet lady who adopted me fell ill, so my forever home was not to be. Her dog, a cute little lady named Precious, was a great playmate. We immediately hit it off because her beagleness for life’s games was the same as mine. Anyway, we played like crazy until she went through a funny little thing called a doggy door and disappeared. I had never seen one of those things before. Really, where had she gone? It took me five or six times before I caught on to her silliness. You know, I really am one smart dude.

So I am back with my foster mom, Patti, learning more manners. I know I am smart, sweet, good looking, affectionate, and even handsome in a funny way, so I don’t understand why no one wants me. Life is difficult for all us street dogs because we aren’t taught manners. You know, the basics, like “no jumping on humans” and that little thing called house training. It’s a lack of these basics that gets us into trouble at our forever homes with our prospective parents. Patti calls her training “finishing school,” and boy, is she a taskmaster! I am doing the best I can to learn, and in return, Patti promises me a forever home.

I hate to beg, but please: I am the first in a program that promises to teach children, street dogs, and the community a new way of living with us beautiful beasts. If we are given the opportunity and your unconditional love, we can become faithful, protective life companions. Best of all, our real goal is to make you smile every day.

If you cannot take me but still wish to participate in a great program of hope and possibilities, then think about fostering or volunteering. Marie and Patti certainly need a lot of help. Please call Marie at 152 3383 or Patti at 152 1702. Or you can go to our website, www.hearttoheartsma.com, where the new section, Roxy’s Reminders, offers good vet advice.

Woof-woof, lick, my friends.



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