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Artisanal Mezcal Company Founder Followed Where San Miguel Led Him

By Skip Essick

Mezcal has become a hot item in San Miguel de Allende, but many of us have limited knowledge about its history, how it compares to tequila, and so on. The Rotary Midday Club of San Miguel de Allende is therefore pleased to present a presentation on mezcal with our one of city’s most knowledgeable experts, Jonathan Lockwood, founder of local mezcal brand Guiño Guiño. You may have seen him selling it at local events and tastings.

Lockwood didn’t come to San Miguel a mezcal expert; San Miguel made him one. He came here a professional voice actor who before that had a 15-year broadcast radio career. To this day, he records voiceovers full-time for clients worldwide from his studio in San Miguel. He has recently built a home here.

At this Rotary presentation on Tuesday, June 18, at Cafeteria Sanmiguelessen, you’ll get to hear Lockwood’s unique story. You’ll also learn more about this regionally enchanting concoction, and even have an opportunity to try some mezcal for yourself.

Before he moved here in 2014, Lockwood’s only knowledge of mezcal was an experience in a Michigan bar, where he downed some shots that, as he recalled, weren’t very good. But shortly after he arrived here, he attended a local event called Sabores San Miguel, where he was reintroduced to the beverage. At Sabores, he shelled out some pesos for a sampler—some were good, some interesting, and some “persistently revolting,” as he so eloquently puts it. But the experience sparked within him the desire to make his own.

Following a memorable trip to Oaxaca, Jonathan observed how mezcal was made artisanally, and he began to work on his own brand by bringing in shipments from Oaxaca to San Miguel. The rest is, as they say, history.

Join us on June 18, and learn Lockwood’s story. Find out why mezcal is smoking hot in San Miguel and what Lockwood has to do with that. Our meetings are at Cafeteria Sanmiguelessen, next to the yellow caboose on Stirling Dickinson. Doors open at 9am, with an optional breakfast for 100 pesos per person. The presentation begins at 9:30am and is free.


Rotary Presentation

“Mezcal—It’s Smoking Hot in SMA”

Tue, Jun 18, 9am

Cafeteria Sanmiguelessen

Stirling Dickinson 28

Free/Breakfast 100 pesos



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