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Creation Myths: From Chaos to Order: Part One


By Béa Aaronson PhD

How did it all begun? The universe? The stars? The planets? Our Earth? Plants, Animals, Us?

In this presentation, I shall tell you many stories, all ever so magnificent, imaginative, and symbolic, of how humans have created their own way to try to understand who we are, where we come from, and where we are going…Well…Where we are going is another story all together!

So… This coming Wednesday March 20th, we are going to unravel the mystery of life through numerous Creation Myths, which are in fact cosmogonies telling the story of the earliest beginnings of our present world, in our galaxy, in a time BEFORE TIME BEGUN!
First developed in oral traditions, then written down, Creation Myths are found throughout human culture. Although not necessarily historically accurate, all Creation Myths, one way or another, respond to the environment in which they were created: desert, sea, rivers, mountains, forests, caves, plains, cold/hot weather, animals, etc…

Quite an ominous journey, which will impel us to reflect on a period when our earliest ancestors were searching for answers about themselves, the world in which they lived, about everything they could not explain. Eventually, their ideas were expressed in myths and legends. By studying them, we can reveal the common roots of our humanity.

There will be tons of images, art and photographs to illustrate each story. Obviously, even in two parts, there is no way I could possibly encompass and honor all Creation Myths. So…I had to choose.

In this First Part, we shall see how the Ancient Egyptians, the Sumerians, Greek Antiquity, Zoroatrianism, the Judeo-Christian-Muslim beliefs -including the Jewish Kabbalah- the Chinese, the Daoists, the Japanese, and the Vietnamese, have imagined the mystery of Creation.

Something beyond astonishment will reawaken your perception, as Creation Myths from all around the world share some stunning similarities in the making of planet earth and its inhabitants. For example, the primal chaos, darkness, the primordial sea, cosmic or non- cosmic eggs, and of course… the FLOOD!!! Be ready to be startled and amazed!

There will a Second Part sharing other Creation Myths from other parts of the world, on Wednesday March 27. An article will appear in Atencion Friday March 22d.



“Creation Myths: From Chaos to Order: Part One”

Wed, Mar 20, 4pm

The Jewish Cultural Center

Calle de las Moras 47 (corner Cinco de Mayo)

200 pesos per person

150 pesos for members

Please, if you could arrive earlier


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