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Changes that Did Cool the Climate in San Miguel

Mr Hertz’s previous letter suggesting that parking on Cardo might help solve the climate change problem and rid San Miguel de Allende of its oppressive traffic caused me to review past occurrences that actually DID cool the climate (oppressive traffic elimination varying by definition of the time).

Genghis Khan has been branded the greenest invader in history, providing the first-ever successful case of manmade global cooling when his invasions killed 40 million, giving room for more trees to absorb carbon dioxide, according to an article in the Daily Mail newspaper.

In the medieval period, bubonic plague killed 35–90 percent of the human population in many places, from Asia through the Middle East and into Europe. This was accompanied by widespread cooling, massive famine, and war. (See Barbara Tuchman’s A Distant Mirror, written in the ‘70s. She said our time was like this period).

European colonization of the Americas killed off 56 million indigenous by 1600. The resulting drop in carbon dioxide levels contributed to a cooler period, according to the same Guardian article. This “Little Ice Age,” as it is known, was accompanied by agricultural failure, famine, and death.

Large volcanic eruptions are more likely as human overpopulation and obscenely wasteful western lifestyles warm the earth and cause ice melts from mountains. This lightens mountains, causing uplift and fracture of the earth’s crust. Volcanic dust cover (from eruptions) engenders crop failure, widespread famine, and death from the cooling, which lasts for about two years. It does work for a while, however.

Jonathan Schell’s The Fate of the Earth (1982) quotes a US defense official as saying a small nuclear war could stop overpopulation, and thus global warming. Yes, in the 1980s, they knew there were too many humans and global warming, aka, climate change.

Nuclear meltdown of 400+ power plants would cause cooling, and then some.

A friend sent me a website this week, a real solution to global warming:

My family and friends assure me that if westerners have to change their lifestyles, they will decide that everyone will just have to die. Trump, not a climate denier at all, simply believes it futile to suggest that Americans stop spending, that everything will be pretty much over by 2100. Ergo, he wants to extend Clinton’s wall (begun in 1992, when Clinton devastated the Mexicans with grain dumping and destroyed their food sufficiency, something AMLO is trying to rectify now with production subsidies), and Bush’s wall, to stave off the flood of two billion refugees, already moving northward. The Canadians should be building walls to stop the US from moving in as the southwest is burnt to a crisp, the southeast is under water, and the migrants flood up. You can find the study on this, “The Collapse of Western Civilization,” by Oreskes and Conway, as a PDF document on the web.

Now, you, you climate change denier: About your next trip, cruise, flight, new car, electronic appliance, phone, air conditioner and heater. About your baby, grandbaby:

Go ahead, live like there is no tomorrow. As Pogo said, we have met the enemy, and it is us.


Christine Eleanor Anderson


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