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An Act of God Director Alan Jordan’s Late-Night Ramblings



By Alan Jordan

I have been asked to write an article to publicize Caja Negra’s reprise productions of An Act of God (February 7–17) and Simon Wiesenthal, the Nazi Hunter (February 28–March 3). Both plays were recently successfully presented at the Shelter Theater.

I rely on our audience in San Miguel de Allende to determine whether our productions are “reprise” material. Our previous productions that have been “brought back by popular demand” include Building The Wall, I Am My Own Wife, Diary of a Madman, and House.

As far as publicizing our productions, I feel that utilizing our faithful audience comments seems more authentic than announcing that a certain production will be the best thing since cream cheese. That, for me, tempts the theater gremlins. That’s why I always include our audience comments in our publicity.

I consider the San Miguel audience that frequents our shows very knowledgeable. It is our job at Caja Negra to choose provocative, sometimes edgy, thought-provoking theater. Providing an exciting theater experience is not a task that we at Caja Negra take lightly. Each of our productions gestates for at least a year before it sets foot on stage.

For the last several years, that stage has been Shelter Theater. It provides a very intimate “black box” type space. Is it ideal for all types of productions? No. It’s a challenge, given its tiny stage. But often I find a challenge brings out unusual and more creative choices.

Shelter has welcomed our productions with calm professionalism. Presenting theater, anywhere, is a risk, and it can sometimes be chaotic. Personally, I don’t deal well with chaos. David Johanssen, the theater manager at Shelter, has become an integral part of all of our productions. He’s an artist, a gentleman, and a positive force—a great problem solver. I can’t imagine working without him. I’m very happy to see that Shelter Theater, now with a five-out-of-five rating on TripAdvisor, is thriving. I give David full credit for that success.

That said, I believe that San Miguel could, and should, have two or three more small theater spaces that would specialize in original works, Latin American plays, children’s theater, and more. Art breeds art. How wonderful it would be to convert one of the large unused spaces in Centro into a multiuse performing arts center.

But I digress. Right now my attention is on our two current productions and on creating a new “deconstructed” play for July.

This article was written with no specific topic, late at night, after a rough technical rehearsal, and with hope that tomorrow’s dress rehearsal will be magic. Hope springs… I worry a lot, but working with my current actors, Erik Zavala, Sebastian Vallin, and Rodrigo Demian, I don’t have to double up on my antianxiety pills.

I hope you come to see An Act Of God and have a great laugh, and I hope you come to see Wiesenthal and have some deep thoughts. I trust you.



An Act Of God

Fri, Feb 15, 7pm

Sat–Sun, Feb 16–17, 3pm

Shelter Theater

Vicente Guerrero 4


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