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Meet Sassy

Playful Sassy

By Jayn Corral

Sassy would be her name, the SPA volunteers knew upon meeting her. This young tabby came to here in mid-2018, after being chased by dogs into a family’s garage. The family could not keep her. Having been injured and traumatized, Sassy was not a happy girl. She bit the woman who caught her to take her to the SPA. “Sassy” fit her perfectly.

The SPA volunteers thought she might be feral, but Sassy seemed more frightened than feral. Our veterinarian agreed, predicting that her behavior would improve with time in a safe, loving place. At first, Sassy was hissing and spitting, but that only served to inspire the SPA volunteers to focus on working with her every day. They sat with her and lured her with treats and toys to encourage her to come out of her hiding space. With time, she began to allow volunteers to pet her.

Nowadays, Sassy still prefers her hiding space in the cat tree and loves to share it with her roommates. However, when volunteers reach in to greet her, the fruit of their patience is apparent. Sassy puts both paws around their hand and pulls the hand to her so she can lick it to show her appreciation for their visit. She rubs her head toward them and rolls over to have her belly rubbed. She will come out of her safe place when people she knows are there, but still retreats when strangers are around.

She has won the hearts of the regular volunteers, who know what a special girl she is. She will require a patient family, but we hope she will find a home where she will feel safe and loved.

As illustrated by the transformation of Sassy, volunteering at the SPA is rewarding. We invite you to meet all our cats, including Sassy (who will likely hide until she gets to know you) and our dogs. Volunteer and adoption hours are Monday–Saturday, 11–2, Los Pinos 7, 152 6124. We look forward to your SPA visit. It will do Sassy good to expand her horizon of friends.


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