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Dear Editor

Dear Editor:

In reading Friday’s paper, I carefully read the article in which the new mayor lists all the many things he plans for the city and for Sanmiguelenses. He underlines that, this year, San Miguel de Allende has been named as a cultural capital [for 2019].

I recall Mayor Lucy [Luz María Núñez Flores] moved all the municipal offices to the newly built building outside of town and restored the old municipal building, allocating it for a museum. The one and only exhibition shown there was a retrospective of Leonard Brooks.

Then, Mayor Trejo took office and moved his offices and that of Tourism back into the original building. We were offered “some space” in the small rooms located in the ex-prison area, and then that too was taken away for more offices. Trejo then invited Enrique Norton to draw up a plan for converting the building into a modern space and invited the citizens of San Miguel to donate monies for the project. Needless to say, nothing ever came of it.

Given the history of San Miguel over the many decades as an important art center, it is incredible that this city still does not have an art museum. Thanks to private efforts, the La Fábrica Aurora Art and Design Center and El Nigromante have, de facto, been filling in for this missing venue as best they can. If the new mayor is sincere in wanting to upgrade the quality of tourism and bring more qualified culture to the city, then please give us back our museum. There are qualified Mexican citizens in San Miguel who could get it going, using the building just as it is. And there are excellent local architects who can eventually make any necessary changes to the building sometime in the future. Please, Mayor Villareal, give us back our museum.

Margaret Failoni

Independent Curator


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