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Occupy San Miguel


By Martin J. O’Malley

This Monday, Occupy San Miguel will show the Frontline documentary The Hostile Takeover of the Republican Party, which tells the inside story of “Trump’s Takeover” and the potential lasting impact of the Trump era on the GOP and the American political system.

1n 2011, the traditional Republican establishment was silent when Trump conspired to attack and disqualify President Obama from the presidency, asserting that he wasn’t born in the US. Their message resonated powerfully with Tea Party members and gave the traditional Republican base momentum in Congress.

In 2015, Trump announced that he would self-fund his campaign because he was “really rich.” He asserted that immigration was destroying America because Mexicans were sending criminals, rapists, and drug addicts to cross the border. The Republican establishment thought Trump would be knocked out of contention early, as the Koch Brothers had amassed more than $900 million along with the $130 million by Jeb Bush. Trump sensationalized his claims by viciously attacking his opponents, using Twitter to communicate with his angry white base.

Then, in January of 2016, Trump assumed the Presidency along with the Republicans in full control of the US Congress.

Establishment Republicans convinced Trump that they would now unravel Obamacare by proposing the American Health Care Act. Trump agreed, believing that a quick victory would solidify his credibility. The House Freedom Caucus, fueled by the Tea Party, sabotaged the bill, along with Ryan’s leadership role. Trump was humiliated and furious.

Ryan then altered the bill to suit the radical element in the party by gutting key protections. The bill passed and went to the Senate. In the interim, millions of Americans, realizing that they would lose benefits, were terrified and finally began to protest the legislation pending in the Senate.

This went on further and further. In August, white nationalists and neo-Nazis demonstrating in Virginia were confronted by counterprotesters. When a Nazi used his car to kill demonstrators, Trump, at his country club, was given a script by his handlers condemning violence. Unable to stick to the script, Trump could not denounce the Nazis without claiming “many sides” had been violent. Later that month, Trump in his fury, campaigned in Arizona and attacked the few remaining moderates in the Republican Party. He then pardoned Sheriff Arpaio of Arizona, a convicted felon and racist. In September, Sen John McCain, recovering from brain cancer, cast the crucial vote depriving Trump of a victory. Trump, in his fury, went on a Tweet rampage against the remaining moderates in the Republican Party. Senator Flake of Arizona stated that Trump was turning us into fearful and backward-looking people—that the GOP, if it is to govern, must step away from racism, anger, and resentment. But now the Republican establishment was totally intimidated and silenced.

After one year of failure, Trump and the GOP were desperate for a victory. The ideological litmus test for the remaining Republicans became the question “how loyal are you to the President?” In January of 2018, the Republicans passed a tax bill granting tax relief to the wealthiest one percent of the population, creating more than one trillion in debt.

Join us Monday for context for all this and more in this interesting documentary.


Meeting, Film, and Discussion

Occupy San Miguel presents

The Hostile Takeover of the Republican Party

Mon, Oct 15, 1pm

Quinta Loreto Hotel

Loreto 15, TV room




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