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Soul Connection


By Marcia Wolff


Is it true that your mind is sometimes like a battering ram? O listen, listen more carefully to what is inside of you.



Have you noticed that our mind is very busy with thoughts, shooting off like fireworks? That it may cause us to feel anxious? Where are all these thoughts coming from? We can get caught up in them and follow them to a destination that takes us nowhere. Perhaps we end up feeling down, depressed, or battered by them.

This inner self-talk is called the superego. According to Freud, its intent is to help us develop a conscience. It is often called the inner critic, an internalized shaming parental voice of cultural, religious, and behavioral beliefs that come from parents or authority figures. It often instills fear, causing us to repress parts of ourselves.

So where do these parts of us go that are repressed? They become our shadow, parts that are hidden, that feel unacceptable, wrong, and bad. But are they? Maybe there is some gold in them; maybe they’re part of our soul. For example, imagine you are drawing pictures with Crayolas and you have a unique way of creating a face, or the body. If a teacher criticizes your creation, it can shut down our way of expressing our self and we stop drawing. But it’s still down there in the basement. And being hidden, it causes our thoughts to be distorted, our energy erratic or slowed down. A part of us is trapped.

What if we listen deeply when we are feeling anxious and erratic? What if we breathe deeply and calm ourselves a bit? What if, as we become calmer, we hear a quieter voice, a voice that whispers, that does not batter? What if this voice says, “take out your Crayolas and draw.” You feel resistance. You might, late at night, sneak your Crayolas out and try to draw, like you did when you were small. Little by little, you begin to get back your style that came naturally to you.

If calm does not come, it is important to look further at our habits around the food we eat. To calm our system it would help if we eliminate sugar, caffeine, processed foods, and all junk foods. Eat organic vegetables and fruits, moderate healthy protein, and fermented foods. In doing this, we develop a healthy gut. The nerves in our digestive tract where our immune system lives are connected to the brain. Here is where we begin to nourish our nervous system.

Once we bring about calm in our mind and body, we will be able to listen to the “still, small voice,” your truer self. Your inner guidance system will help free your trapped energy and guide you back to your creative self.

Marcia Wolff, MA earned a Master of Counseling Psychology at Southwestern College and was licensed in Santa Fe New Mexico. Contact her at


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