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“Tango Therapy and the Gift of Argentina”

By Christina Johnson


I am grateful for my assiduous body. Sometimes as I am dancing the tango, I feel a flutter of thanks knowing that it was possible never to have discovered the heaven of tango. I could have never known what the soft union, the solid physical heart support, the instinctual and gentle breathing between two strangers, the sublime chemistry of heaven meeting planets, touching as they spiral, soaring and lifted one by the passing trail of the other, the inner dilation of a star as it creates itself, the diminishing center of self as I span my particles far past the dance room into space, and the rushing in of feminine puissance crowning my physical capacity with peaceful delight. The purring heart of a content lioness. I am the honeydew moving through plant stems that nourish the blossom. I am the sound of the first sun rising over the planet.

Dancing tango makes me remember I am connected to all things, to all life. Tango is part of my spiritual path.

In Buenos Aires, I have a teacher who instructs awareness through movement. She gave me an exercise that was very difficult—walking slowly, focusing on only using the big toe, and slowly sliding the other foot along the floor to meet it. It was so hard at first for my balance, and then I succeeded in floating along like a ghost ship at night! In this tango life of mine, I am always learning. My tango life is made up of memorable moments of awkwardness, sensuality, loneliness, and heart connections.

The first time I danced with my friend Pedro, he smelled like lemon. Getting near him, I could smell the countryside of a place like Sicily—lemon thyme from the garden, a crisp and gentle smell. But even though he was my confidante, I used to be nervous dancing tango with him. I felt awkward and offbeat in the embrace, either rushing or too slow.

I was so relaxed when I danced with him recently that I just took long deep breaths. My ribs nestled into his side; my arm was gently around his neck, our faces together with warmth that felt like the sun. I fit into his embrace like a bee folded into a flower’s nectar. Now he smelled like white linen. Dried in the sun with breeze caught in the folds.

Dancing was so easy, natural. There was sweetness in between the movements, a patient pause. His leading hand was gentle; turning silken- eared pages of a well-loved book.

And because it was in public, and because there was a crowd, people were applauding. I was not nervous. I was in my body, dancing with my friend. A man watching said, “You and him; you were dancing as if you were one body.”

Come and enjoy the exotic by way of Tango Therapy classes: All Tuesdays in January and February from 10:30–11:30am.

At Pure Fitness studio, 15 Stirling Dickinson street. 120 pesos per single, 180 pesos per couple. A therapeutic intervention of simple exercises, tango dance, and fun. Two professional teachers. Call Christina at 154 9085 for more information.



“Tango Therapy and the Gift of Argentina”

By Christina Johnson and Ezequiel

All Tuesdays in January and February, 10:30–11:30am

Pure Fitness studio near 15 Stirling Dickinson Street

120 pesos per single/180 pesos per couple

154 9085 for more information


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