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I am the Library: Valentín Miranda Luna

By Karla Ortiz

Young library scholarship holders are motivated to pursue their dreams for the same goal, personal and professional growth, as well as to contribute to the development of their town.

One of these library scholarship holders is Valentín Luna, who at the age of 19 dreamed big and set goals to achieve, although it was not easy. Like all young people involved in studies, he had some hurdles to overcome.

As a child, he was the best in his class from first to sixth grade. He always received the highest recognition for his grades, and his teachers and parents congratulated him. But for him, school was not everything. He loved to play football (and get into trouble). He often threw the ball in the wrong direction and hurt his teammates, never intentionally. Although he never stopped playing, but he did not neglect his schoolwork. His mother always supported him and told him that his first responsibility was to get an education and then to play. She was not the only one giving this message. His brothers have constantly encouraged him to move forward. One of his sisters sat him down and got him to read, pronounce, and write, and to this day, several of his brothers encourage him to continue studying and go far

Since his grades were good, his mother helped him to find a scholarship to support himself financially. He obtained a government scholarship, which he held for some time, but it was later removed. Faced with this situation, the family began to look for another scholarship. One day someone told them that la Biblioteca was awarding scholarships, so they went to ask about the requirements. Valentín applied for a scholarship, and it was easily granted. Since then, he has maintained the scholarship.

Valentín has five brothers and three sisters, varying in age. The oldest is 45 years old. His parents, although they are older (His mother is 62, and his father is 70), have never stopped working and have always made sure that Valentín never lacks anything. They have supported him in pursuing his dreams.

Mainly because his parents work a lot in the fields and he loved to watch how plants grew, how the seeds were sown, and even how insects participated in the growth of vegetables, a career in agriculture began to interest him. In elementary school he loved to read about it. His favorite books were about nature, natural sciences, animals, and plants. From then on, he became very interested in crops and land. In high school, his biology professor was an agronomist who talked with him for hours about the world of agronomy. His curiosity to learn more about that career was born from those discussions, and he decided to become an agronomist. As soon as he told his parents of his plans, they began to suggest other careers that could bring him greater economic benefit. When he expressed his feelings and love for this field, they changed their minds.

“I think the main thing is that you like it, and that you’re convinced that’s what you want, “Valentín said.

Getting this far was a big challenge for Valentín because nobody in his family had gone beyond elementary school. Moving on to high school was another big challenge for him because when he had to do his homework, there was nobody to answer questions or advise him. He felt a little self-conscious about not always being able to do it.

“No one in my family had ever made it past elementary school, perhaps because of lack of opportunity or because they no longer wanted to. But look at me. I am not a person with money, but I have the desire, and here I am. If you want, you can achieve it. The truth is I do not know the reasons why my brothers did not go on in school. Those were different times. But I’m pretty sure of one thing: I’m the first one with this goal, and I know I’m going to be able to [achieve it]. I have to do it for myself,” Valentín commented.

Another great challenge was to start from scratch. His is studying for his career at the Tecnológico de San Roque in Celaya, and he had to learn on his own to live in a city completely different from what he knew.

“No one ever told me what college would be like or how I would be treated. I entered an unknown world. I even became a little more talkative. I began to develop more with people, [and] I learned to move around Celaya on my own. It is all these experiences that have made me grow,” Valentín added.

One of Valentín’s goals is to finish college and fulfill one of his dreams: to get to know Switzerland and perhaps work there. He is so interested in knowing this agricultural country that he even has a painting in his room with Swiss landscapes to motivate him. He has always dreamed of having his own business: a farm.

“I thank all those who with their words and actions encouraged me to continue growing both personally and professionally: my friends, teachers, siblings, and parents. Thanks to my mom for being a strong woman whom I admire very much. She has never let herself be defeated, and I want to be like her. She is my greatest example. I am also very grateful to the library. I know that it is not easy to support so many young people. They are a very kind institution in striving to give us all great support. The young people in my position, eager to excel, sometimes don’t have the money, and getting this scholarship is a huge motivation for us. It’s true that you need to pass several requirements, but sometimes the requirements are the least, of it when it comes to getting ahead. You [at the library] make us want to win because you want us to,” Valentín Luna concluded.


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