Silence is complicity, yes.

Dear Editor:

Silence is complicity, yes.

Was Georgeann Johnson silent and complicit when it was Clinton committing outrages against the Mexicans? In her letter last week, she characterized herself as a mouthy, old American expat lady who has lived here for decades and believes silence regarding Trump’s verbal affronts is complicity. Did she write letters to the editor excoriating Bill Clinton for destroying the lives of 2.5 million Mexicans after he signed NAFTA and dumped under-market grain on the country? Did she protest his actions on behalf of his Cargill cronies that forced Mexicans out of their homes and businesses and north into wage slavery, destroying Mexico’s food security at the same time? Does she know that American NAFTA assault against Mexican agriculture was the cause of the Zapatista uprising? Did she protest Clinton starting “The Wall” in San Diego? Did she protest these Clinton crimes of economic imperialism? Did she suggest that Clinton supporters be sent back to the US with safe passage? Or was she silent and complicit?

Was Mr. Bousman, who published his lashing of the expat community the previous week, silent and complicit when Barack Obama deported 3 million Mexicans, more than ALL of the other presidents in US history? Did he protest the Barack Obama internment camps and the misery they have visited on Mexican women and children? Obama’s vile deportation record was discussed on San Miguel radio recently. Mexicans know what Obama did. Did Mr. Bousman protest Obama and suggest any Americans supporting him should be exiled? Or was Bousman silent and complicit because it was Obama?

Guanajuato is in serious danger of becoming a dust bowl due to NAFTA agriculture and irresponsible leased land practices. This dust bowl likelihood was even mentioned by Mr. Mayer, the owner of Don Pedro’s, in his Atención interview. The documentary Consuming our Future, shown at the Biblioteca recently, featured pictures of vast tracts of Guanajuato land stripped for NAFTA profit. People can live here if there is rainwater after the aquifer is drained, but no one stays in a dust bowl, as US history illustrated. People here talk about a water crisis, but no one speaks of the looming dust bowl crisis. Immediate profits and jobs have made everyone silently complicit. Americans like Johnson and Bousman may be the ones packing their bags to go “home” due to the NAFTA policies of Clinton, aided and abetted, of course, by the much hated Salinas, and corrupt land deals for Fox cronies.

Mexico has the highest teen birthrate in the world, as was noted in Jade Arroyo’s fine Atención article on reproductive health. Silent societal complicity in this impending disaster is shocking. With no water and no water-dependent jobs, a guanajuatanese Subcommandante Marcos will have an easy time raising an army of unemployed teenage bandits to ravage this NAFTA created dust bowl state. Kids like these ripped the gold cross off of the neck of the Bishop of Guanajuato in broad daylight. They recognize no law. Inconvenient truths invite silent complicity.

Intelligent Mexicans writing for serious papers like La Jornada are pointing out that if Mexicans can take advantage of Trump’s offer to renegotiate NAFTA (TLCAN), Mexico has much to gain, finally righting some Clinton NAFTA mistakes. If this comes to pass, Trump may be a very good thing for Mexico. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth …even if all you can see right now is a steaming pile of manure.


Christine Eleanor Anderson


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