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By Jim Carey

On Monday, June 5, OccupySMA will show Jen Senko`s documentary, The Brainwashing of My Dad, about how her once reasonable apolitical father was transformed into a rage-filled ditto-head, a loyal follower of Rush Limbaugh and Fox News and, to quote Matt Taibbi, “their hate-filled, paranoid, untrusting, book-dumb, and bilious people whose chief source of recreation is slinging insults and threats at each other online.” Chris Barsanti of Film Journal labels it “a perpetual ‘noise machine’ of fear and misinformation creating the kind of addictive, endorphin-rush perpetual outrage that seems indistinguishable from nationalist propaganda or cult brainwashing.”

Meeting and Film
OccupySMA presents:
The Brainwashing of My Dad
Mon, Jun 5, 1pm
Quinta Loreto Hotel, TV room
Loreto 15, Centro

Having stopped watching the boob tube years ago, on a few occasions I have had the phenomenon of viewing Fox and their adoration of the Moron Whisperer #45. Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone sums it up better than I ever could. Taibbi quotes Roger Ailes: “‘I created a TV network for people from 55 to dead,’ where he saw billions could be made mining terrifying storylines about the collapse of the simpler America such viewers remembered, correctly or (more often) incorrectly, from their childhoods. Ailes launched Fox in 1996 where the main formula was always the political scare story, mixing traditional sensationalist tropes like tabloid crime reporting with the demonization of liberal villains like the Clintons.”

Soon the villains weren’t just in Washington, but under every rock, around every corner.

Immigrants were spilling over the borders (rapists and murderers). “Fox hired an endless succession of blow-dried, shrieking dingbats like Laura Ingraham, author of Shut Up and Sing, who filled the daytime hours with rants about every conceivable cultural change being the product of an ongoing anti-American conspiracy.” Fox, Limbaugh and all the vacant talking heads were instrumental in assisting Donald J. Trump and his birther movement.

Neil Genzlinger of the Times reports “The Brainwashing of My Dad has an interesting segment on the neurology of the phenomenon—how alarm is addictive, how repetition of the same messages transforms the brain . . . . In addition to telling her own family’s story, Ms. Senko invited video submissions from others who have had similar experiences with loved ones, and those provide the film’s most heartfelt moments.” Our events are free and always followed by a discussion. Come—you`re invited.


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