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The Big Birther Lie

By Jim Carey

North of Trump`s wall, a small church placed this incisive remark on its bulletin board: A pervert, a racist, and a con man go into a bar. The bartender looks up and says: “Welcome Mr. President.” Since this election, there has been no shortage of biting commentary about the election and the structural crisis plaguing the American economic and political system: wage stagnation, chronic invisible unemployment, unchecked corporate and state power, capitalist globalization, growing inequality, racism, and a government of mostly white male millionaire capitalists.

Meeting and film
Bill Moyers: The Big Lie Behind the Rise of Trump
Presented by Occupy SMA
Mon, Feb 13, 1pm
Quinta Loreto Hotel
TV room
Loreto 15, Centro

Prior to November 8, Ari Berman, the Brennan Center for Justice, and Reverend Barber warned and documented the voter suppression in 14 states and how this presidential election was the first in more than 50 years without the protection of the full 1965 Voting Rights Act—thanks to Chief Justice John Roberts and his five to four vote in Shelby County v. Holder.

Monday at Occupy we will look at another aspect of this election by listening to Bill Moyers. In this brand new web exclusive on January 20, 2017, Bill Moyers and four historians dissect the big lie Trump rode to power: the Birther lie. Nell Painter, historian and Edwards Professor of American History, Emerita, at Princeton University; Khalil Gibran Muhammad, professor of history, race and public policy at Harvard Kennedy School; Christopher Lebron, assistant professor of African-American studies and philosophy at Yale University; and Philip Klinkner, James S. Sherman Professor of Government, Hamilton College, discuss the fertile ground on which the birther lie was sown: our nation’s history of white supremacy.

In his own words, Bill Moyers says: “The most important thing to remember about Donald

Trump is that he was the same man at 12:01pm, Friday, after he took the oath of office as he was at 11:59am before his swearing in. His character: the same. His temperament and his values: the same. What’s different is that in those two minutes Donald Trump was handed the most awesome power imaginable. He now controls the world’s most powerful nuclear arsenal.

The Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard are at his command. The FBI, the CIA, the NSA, the IRS, Homeland Security, the State Department, Justice Department, Treasury Department, the Department of Education, the Interior Department—all of the agencies of the executive branch report, ultimately, to this one man. The world awaits his pronouncements; the markets and the media live by and for his tweets. So here’s the second most important thing to remember about Donald Trump: He rode to power on the wings of a dark lie—one of the most malignant and ugly lies in American history. We must never forget it.”

Join in your congressional district—where you vote. Resist now.

Occupy joins with USians, Canadians, and Mexicans in our quest for just and peaceful societies where we have ultimate respect for our children, all peoples, and the beauty of this planet. Join the discussion. Our events are free.


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