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The Election Is Over: Where Do We Go from Here?

By Jim Carey

The man whose candidacy began as a joke in 2014 has become the leader of the free world. He won summoning a “whitelash” wave of support from rural-exurban whites displaced by changes in the economy and deeply resistant to the country’s shifting cultural and racial tones. It was also a total repudiation of a bipartisan elite political system—living in a “DC-Media Bubble”—which over the past 35 years has put profit before people.

Film and Discussion

“The Election Is Over: Where Do We Go from Here?”
Mon, Nov 21, 1pm
Occupy SMA meeting
Quinta Loreto Hotel
Loreto 15
Info: 044 415 102 7414

The US trade-TPP strategy has willingly sacrificed the wage incomes of millions of American workers to boost the profits of US multinationals by encouraging the offshoring of American jobs. Wall Street Journal reported that between 2006 and 2014, 9.3 million lost their homes to bank foreclosures. At the same time, US$17 trillion was transferred to the banks to restore the capital they destroyed in their sociopathic greed.

US foreign policy, lobbied by our taxpayer-supported massive armament industry, has embroiled the country in trillions of dollars of unending wars which have caused thousands of our young to come home wounded and crippled—in wars we never manage to win. Richard Schweid, in his book Invisible Nation: Homeless Families in America, reports that as late as 1980, families comprised only 1 percent of the US homeless population. Today at 37 percent, it is not only a huge increase, but a national catastrophe. Entire families now live in the streets, in cars, in temporary shelters, and in miserable motel rooms, waiting for permanent relief.

“The Supreme Court has had a majority of Republican-appointed justices for nearly half a century … that majority will continue and promote a world view where fewer people have rights, where women do not have reproductive choices, where lawmakers can make it harder for minorities to vote, where religious people are free to disregard laws protecting people they don’t like … to ensure that American politics can be flooded with unlimited money, that reasonable gun restrictions are struck down, that corporate interests prevail over those of consumers, and that basic environmental regulations are turned back.” (New York Times editorial, November 7).

Depressed yet? The US could slide from militant neoliberalism into authoritarian fascism. Preventing this xenophobia, misogyny, and demonization of immigrants and Muslims will mean speaking up and mobilizing as progressives in a way than hasn’t been seen in over 50 years. Bernie Sanders should inspire some hope, as should the fact that large majorities of Americans favor raising the minimum wage, reforming the criminal justice system, and taking on climate change. There is no doubt that the system is rigged, and when “buyer’s remorse” sets in, we need to point out that the president elect and people like him rigged it. The media in 2015 gave the president elect 350 hours on major TV outlets versus one hour for Bernie Sanders.

Do we want to live in a United States where anger, prejudice, and fear rule, and dissent is viewed as treason, or in a country where we try to meet every issue—from terrorism, to immigration, to education—with clear eyes and a rational mind? Join the discussion. Our events are free.


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