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Looking for Your Life Purpose? Please Lay This Turkey to Rest!

By Margaret Nash

I confess. I’ve been obsessed with finding my life purpose—my burning desire and reason for living—for years now. It fascinates me. The implications are enormous. (Who says we are here for a purpose? Who decides what it is?)

After reading every book available on the subject and listening to countless webinars and seminars, my result was a huge amount of stress and frustration that simply increased the more I agonized over finding this elusive unicorn. Life purpose needs to be something big, grand, or something that will leave a legacy, right? I couldn’t for the life of me think what would fit that bill.

Books and websites and trainers and self-help gurus proclaim the importance of finding your one unique life purpose. Without it, you are a lost soul, wandering in the desert, your life meaningless, frustrated, and bereft of value.

I recently read about someone admitting to spending over $50,000 on one expensive life coach to discover her life purpose. And the answer she found? She was “meant to inspire.” Well shoot, I could have fed her that bromide for one-tenth the price. All I could think was: has finding life purpose become an indulgent first world pursuit bordering on egregious?

Surely we can’t all be Mother Teresa, the Dalai Lama, Gandhi, or even Angelina Jolie.

My grouch is simply this: insisting people must find their life purpose in order to be complete—the one unique, burning passion in life—frequently causes unhappiness, not fulfillment. It’s just overwhelming. Not to mention hard on the pocket.

And I’m beginning to think that the sooner we lay this turkey to rest, the better for our stress levels and peace of mind.

Isn’t the real desire, lurking beneath the search for life purpose, a desire to find something to do with your time that feels productive, useful, meaningful, and absorbing? And above all, that you enjoy?

So my proposal is this: chuck that great, big, overwhelming, baffling goal of finding a grand life purpose out the door and drop kick it to the curb. It’s not serving you.

Do it. Now. Just get busy finding something you enjoy doing—and who knows? The passion might follow. That’s the first step in finding your groove. In the meantime, you’re having a good time.


Margaret Nash is a life coach, hypnotherapist, self-help writer, and certified old hippie at heart. She lives full-time in San Miguel with her husband and animals. You can find her at She and fellow life coach Sarah Grace Powers run LifeCoaching San Miguel where they run workshops and provide one-to-one coaching.


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