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By Jayden Romay

The driving force behind my work began with heat, with the phenomenon of an ember slowly consuming the paper it traveled through. This drove my exploration to find different ways to manifest, control, and celebrate the nature of such elements. Heat led to fire, fire to electricity, and electricity to light. Within these techniques, as well as the resulting pieces, certain properties manifest, reflecting those of the modern world properties repurposed and represented in a new form.

Jayden Romay
Fri, Nov 6, 7pm
Bellas Artes
Hernández Macías 75

I have focused on employing and celebrating the autonomy and reactivity of the materials I use. The generative nature of the techniques grants the work a degree of independence as they are not solely created by my intent, but they come into being as collaboration between myself and the properties of the medium. Beyond that, the methods used grant my practice a certain independence from typical materials and established knowledge. This untethers the work from traditional approaches.

Turning to science and technology as sources of inspiration and for the development of techniques has been crucial to the work. Utilizing the potential energy of substances, the intricacies and subtleties present in the pieces can be created with a swiftness and elegance unobtainable by classical means. Furthermore, the immediacy and ever-changing variables inherent in my practice permit a rapid evolution, maintaining the work in constant flux with every iteration refining, improving, and occasionally fundamentally altering the procedures that create them.

Through these processes, commonalities emerge with the modern world. The use of petroleum and electricity, the importance of immediacy and efficiency, a fixation on action and the energetic alongside the appreciation of the serene and elegant, the friction between the organic and spontaneous and the synthetic and mechanical. Through the techniques employed, these properties are harmonized and imbued in the work by transforming the materials from their hazardous energetic state into a stable memento of action.


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 photo RSMAtnWebAdRed13.jpg
 photo RSMAtnWebAdRed13.jpg

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