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Resonating at a Higher Octave

By Lupe Ramin

Greetings to you all…This is another very special day, sitting in front of a lovely garden, birds chirping, butterflies wandering through the flowers. As Gaia, our beautiful planet, makes her way into higher frequency spheres, so may we all tune into a new awareness within.

It is through this tuning into a higher “vibrational field of consciousness” that we participate in this experience. The “shift” happens when we make a conscious awakening within. Many ancient advanced civilizations passed on this teaching, such as Lemuria, Atlantis, the Egyptian Mystery School, the Incas, and the Maya.

Our planet has been a laboratory for many schools throughout history. And yes, the teaching has always remained in the deepest core of human consciousness itself. The ancient knowledge of sages, yogis, and avatars has resurfaced to remind us that which we already know deep within our cellular memory. This information lies dormant within our genetic blueprint. Perhaps we have forgotten. Perhaps we have disconnected from source. Perhaps we have regressed in our awareness.

But as life itself is energy, and energy manifests throughout the many changing spheres of our experience, we keep getting messages and the proverbial knock on the compassionate door, always with unconditional love and compassion to tune into higher frequency zones within our emotions and to realize that every thought, every word, every cell is consciousness, and as such, we emanate or relate to that which we resonate with.

The Buddha, Christ, and all the ascended masters who have walked the earth, have all reminded us of this message. They have left us a practice to follow, tuning into the sacred space of the heart. Nevertheless, each one of us has to do the work within. No one can do it for you.

The time has come to walk the living path of the earth, the path of the sun, the path of the stars and to be in communion with Gaia, with the elements we are the elements, we are the stars, we are the keepers of the knowledge, reborn!

As we shift our awareness within we realize that we create our own reality. Recognizing that we live in a “free will world,” each one of us can create a true personal, loving world, but we must take special responsibility to do so with respect, honor, and truth, ourselves and everyone around. There is yet another mystery before us to unfold; how do we create things? How do they manifest into our lives? I leave you with these thoughts for now.


My closing wishes to you all

May you all be happy

May you all be well

Living with gratitude and joy every breath


Tikiama, Exploring Fields of Consciousness, contact,, and 554 521 0578.


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 photo RSMAtnWebAdRed13.jpg

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