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By the Inch It’s a Cinch… but by the Yard…It’s Hard

By Jim Bourque

If you think that stress cannot cause physical ailments or that physical ailments cannot cause stress, think again. Other than colds and the flu, the number one reason people come into a doctor’s office is back pain, and many times, stress is the culprit behind it all. We even use the expression, “I am carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders” which oftentimes is not far from the truth.

No one can avoid stress and we should not focus on avoiding it. Confronting stress while going through our life’s path is a challenge for most. We anticipate that the majority of interactions will be loving, soft, and accepting. When we run into personalities that rub us the wrong way, are aggressive, or we simply don’t enjoy their presence, that myth of always finding pleasurable experiences can be exploded and cause tremendous amounts of strain and stress in our lives. The Law of Equilibrium will always bear the truth of a perfect order in things. Stress is really unavoidable, but how to deal with it is the focus of this article.

A Chinese proverb says, “If you have a problem that has no solution, then why worry? If you have a problem that has a solution, then why worry?” Why not consider rendering no judgment in regard to the challenge and understand that there is a reason for everything? Attempt to not react until you have considered the core of the challenge. When your back pain acts up and causes muscle tension and contracture, this will often result in several misalignments of the vertebrae, which can cause a pinching of the nerve segments, which render a vicious cycle of stress-tension-misalignment- nerve pressure-stress.

The physical world is filled with perception and judgment. There is no one who has not measured love, hate, self-critique, and critique of others. This new era of consciousness suggests more compassion and cooperation instead of competition.  Perhaps it is time to choose understanding rather than measurement.

Do not expect your back pain caused by stress to simply go away. First check with your back pain specialist and rule out any pathological possibility. Then look inside yourself to observe the powerful message that might be present. “Your lesions are often your lessons and are divinely designed to help you along the path to total healing.” Carolyn Myss, PhD, in her book Anatomy of the Spirit, states that, “Your biography influences your biology,” which supports my suggestion that you think about your back pain before you leap to any conclusions.

If you are confronting a muscular-skeletal challenge like back pain and are tired of using the six dangerous words, “I thought it would go away,” I invite you to consider a healthy alternative: chiropractic care. It can add years to your life, and life to your years. Take that first step. “By the inch it’s a cinch.”

Dr. Jim Bourque Starr is a published author, international speaker, and practicing chiropractor who calls San Miguel his home. He can be reached at 415 151 0983 or


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