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Mayoral Candidates are Ready for Closing Campaigns

By Jesús Aguado

Almost two months have passed since the beginning of the electoral process. The campaigns will come to an end on June 3. The candidates had two months to convince more than 122,000 sanmiguelenses—registered to vote—that their proposals are the best for this city. It is important to mention that in the 2012 electoral process only 61,418 citizens voted (figures from the Guanajuato Electoral Institute).

In the meantime, the candidates are preparing campaign closings ranging from the austere to the spectacular. After June 3, they will have to wait until the voting process, which will take place on Sunday, June 7, 8am-6pm. Sanmiguelenses will know who the winner is by midnight that day.

The candidates answered six questions from Atención. 1) How will you guarantee contact with the citizens for solving their problems? 2) Which were the two main demands from the population in your campaign? 3) Did you like some of the proposals from other candidates? 4) Tell me two of your main proposals and how to make them possible. 5) How, when, and where will you close your campaign? 6) Where will you vote?

Ricardo Villarreal, PAN

1. I visited rural communities, neighborhoods, universities, and I attended a forum. If we want to solve people’s problems, we need to keep in touch, visiting them in their neighborhoods and listening to them. Also, we will have the Citizens’ Wednesday, and we—the city council, directors, and mayor—will solve their problems.

2. Security and employment have been the most common issues.

3. Many of my proposals, like that of recovering the Cachinches stream, the opening of the Cuevitas community center, the closing of the current slaughterhouse, and the opening of the new one are proposals that come from a long time ago. But I will conclude all the projects that have been halted, and we will add some new proposals like a new road to connect the road to Querétaro and the road to Celaya with the goal of decreasing the transit at the Libramiento Manuel Zavala.

4. To promote economic development, we will promote the local economy. If our budget is 840 million pesos, and we can generate goods and services, then we will hire sanmiguelenses for public works. We will buy from local suppliers and during the commercial events organized by the administration, we will give the best stands to local vendors. We will bring more companies to the industrial zone, and the investors will have only one condition: 85 percent of the posts must be given to people from the city. We will support students to finish their secondary and preparatory education and we will encourage them to keep studying at the university. On the topic of social development, I will decrease the current expenditures of the local administration, using that money for fighting poverty. Also, we will get resources—of which, there are more than 200 million pesos—from the state 33 Fund, and that money will be invested for providing people basic services.

5. On Saturday, May 30, we will close our campaign at 6:30pm at the Jardín Principal. I will keep working at small events until June 3.

6. I will vote at La Aldea.

Martín Salgado Cacho; PRI, PV, NA

1. I have been in contact with people because I love being in touch with them. In my everyday life I attend mass, go to the market and local restaurants, and I play soccer on Sundays. That will not change. During my administration, we will keep the Citizens’ Wednesday in order to talk personally with people so we can solve their problems with the administration on time.

2. Basic services (potable water, electricity, drainage) and security.

3. I think that the candidates have common proposals; but to be honest, I have not read other candidate’s proposals carefully, but I think that I will keep working with mine.

4. Security: We need to reactivate the police school with more police officers who need to be sanmiguelenses, and they also have to be well trained. We need to bring back the canine, mounted, and tourist police. We will have observation stations in neighborhoods, and we will also have those stations in the 17 rural developments. We will fight poverty with federal resources from the state 33 Fund, and we will repair roads and improve people’s houses with roofs and floors as well as give them electricity, drainage, and water. We will improve the school facilities so students can have access to better education.

5. I will close my campaign on Saturday, May 30. We will be marching from La Aurora towards the Jardín at 5pm. It will be a family event. I will keep working until Wednesday, June 3.

6. I will vote at the Justo Sierra School in el Centro.

Jesús Rangel, PRD

1. I have run for office and for local legislator several times; I have been a city councilor, too; and I have always been close by to help people. If I do not win this election, I will keep working for the citizens.

2. Electricity, bridges in rural communities, security, and employment.

3. The only candidate that has viable proposals is me; the others are just common. What is interesting to me is the division by sectors of security, but I also have it.

4. People must have economic activities in their own neighborhoods and rural communities, so we will equip them with ovens for baking bread. That is possible if we invest the public budget correctly. People in rural communities should also be trained in economic activities so they can get away from crime. I think this is possible if we do not spend the budget foolishly.

5. I will close my campaign on Saturday, May 30, at 6pm in the Plaza Cívica.

6. I will vote at the Escuela Secundaria Técnica.

Cristóbal Olvera, Humanist Party

1. He did not answer.

2. He did not answer.

3. I honestly do not like other candidate’s proposals because I think the processes for achieving them are not clear; I think the process is incoherent and will benefit just a few.

5. Sunday, May 31, 4-11pm at the Plaza Cívica. There will be special guests and a musical band, Rojo Tabaco.

6. Colonia Guadalupe.

Santiago González, Movimiento Ciudadano

1. I want to win this election and try to make sure people vote. I will keep walking the streets, and through the rural communities, and I will be in touch with the media to inform them of the results of my administration. I will have an open door government. The main goal will be the personal attention to citizens.

2. Employment and security.

3. All the candidates have the same proposals, but they do not attack the real problem: family integration and civic and human values.

4. I will form citizen’s councils that will make the decisions along with the city council. I will work with the nonprofit organizations.

5. It will possibly be on Wednesday, June 3, and if the local government allows us, it will be at 6pm at the Jardín Principal.

6. I will vote at the INFONAVIT Allende.

Martín Stefanonni, Citizens’ Movement Party

1. Since the beginning of the electoral process, my proposal has been that of recovering the Citizens’ Wednesday in the urban area, where the mayor and his city councilors plus the directors would be directly attending people’s needs, and for the rural communities, Community Wednesday, where the assistant mayor and at least a city councilor would be personally talking with people and solving their problems.

2. Security and social development.

3. People like my proposals and, by the way, some of the other candidates have taken them, but I prefer to keep working with mine.

4. In the matter of security, we will attack the problem not just with the reactivation of the police school, but also with more and better trained sanmiguelense police officers with technology. For example, the patrols should have cameras for protecting not just the citizens, but the police officers. We will work intensively on education, and for that there would be an educational center with soccer and racquetball courts as well as an athletics track; that center could have also a semi-Olympic pool. There will be free Internet access. This can be possible with local, federal, and state resources. We will work to make the park at the Cachinches stream possible.

5. We will have different closings at the rural communities, and in the end we will see if we can have a closing at the Plaza Cívica.

6. I will vote in colonia San Antonio.


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