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Mauricio Trejo Speaks About His Leave of Absence and Why He Is Returning to City Hall

By Atención staff

Why did Mauricio Trejo leave the local administration and where did he go? These were just some of the questions that emerged after March 7, when Trejo asked for a leave of absence of more than two months. On April 27, prior to his return to the local administration, Atención interviewed him about this and other topics. At the time of this interview the precise date for his return was not yet defined, but he assured “it has to be as soon as possible.” He also assured us that he would take office before the end of the electoral process on June 7.

Atención San Miguel: Why did you leave the local administration?

Mauricio Trejo: I did not leave; I asked for a permit. There was a real opportunity to be a candidate for local legislator in a diputación plurinominal (proportional representation: each party gets about the same percentage of seats in congress that it won in the popular vote) by my party (PRI), and the order was about to be defined. If I had achieved that, it could have brought great benefits for San Miguel. My returning was never in doubt; there are too many projects that need to be completed, and I like to complete what I start.

ASM: Why didn’t you take the candidacy for proportional representation?

MT: In the beginning, the party offered me the fifth position (that represented a real possibility of being in congress), but later they offered me the seventh post, which did not have possibilities. I prefer to be working and finishing projects instead of waiting for the seventh post.

ASM: Did you leave city hall to help San Miguel or to further your political career?

MT: My dream was always to be mayor, but projects emerge day by day. I did have the opportunity offered by my party, and who is not happy to continue the work that they do daily?

ASM: More than 29,000 sanmiguelenses gave you their vote in 2012; why did you not tell them the truth that you left looking for a proportional representation place in congress?

MT: I said that I was following a project to keep working for San Miguel. That is a reality. I would not go to the local congress to damage the city. I was clear. I was following a project to benefit the municipality, and on this kind of topic, I had to be very discreet because the candidacy was not yet approved.

ASM: On the topic of the recordings that accuse you of diverting public resources and manipulation of information, did you know that they would be broadcast on national television, and did that have anything to do with the leave of absence you took?

MT: Impossible, I could not know what would come because the media never warns you of what they will broadcast. This is a disgusting speculation. Rumors will always exist.

ASM: Did the broadcast of those recordings influence your not getting the candidacy for the fifth position of proportional representation and being changed to the seventh?

MT: Everything that happens has an influence, for good or for bad. It would be absurd to say that it helped, but I have to face those topics.

MT: You are giving Atención a copy of the results of the experts’ reports on the recordings; what validity do these documents have, and why should the citizens accept them? How much did these documents cost and who paid for them?

MT: They have validity from the people who work for the company, which is a serious one (Centro de Investigaciones Periciales from León, Gto.) Before the recordings were analyzed, I never denied or accepted them. For me, it was very important that they could be analyzed by experts, and here is the result: they are manipulated recordings. I do not know how much they cost, but they were not paid for out of the public budget.

ASM: From the audios, what is real?

MT: I already said it. I have accepted that it is my voice, but the specialist’s report states that my voice was cut and taken from different conversations. (The experts’ report assures that the voices were edited and taken from different primary sources, forming the published recordings.)

ASM: There are too many rumors about you and your administration, and actually from the last three or four mayors, that you have been the most attacked mayor by the media. Why does that happen to Mauricio Trejo?

MT: I do not take it like that. But I can tell you that I am the mayor who has worked the most with the representatives from the rural communities, nonprofit organizations, and media. There is a rule that states, “The more achievements you have, the more resistance you have,” and for those who do not have enemies, it is because they do not have achievements.

ASM: What can you tell people who have stopped believing in your project due to the rumors and attacks from the media?

MT: There are surveys and qualifications, and the results will come in the end. Of course, there are those who move away, but there are others who will draw closer.

ASM: What is your future political path?

MT: I do not know. There is a saying that goes like this: “In politics nobody notices that you are dead until you smell.” I do not know what will come. I will keep working with entrepreneurs because that is my passion. I am a man of projects and like to have them, but there is also the timing. And I want to be clear: I am not one of those who is always looking for a public job.

ASM: Talking about rumors; have there been private agreements among the candidates running for mayor in order to avoid dirty wars?

MT: I cannot assure that. But I feel that we are in danger that at the end of this administration, we can have a wasted mayor and we can have a new one with a deteriorated image. That does not benefit anybody. If there is a dirty war in the media to destroy the candidates, what we will get from this is that the new mayor will start with a discredited image, and he will have three years ahead.

ASM: Why do you have so much protection in a city like San Miguel?

MT: Because we respect the protocols, the recommendations, and the law. Saying that I have excessive personal security is an exaggeration.

ASM: The line between the entrepreneur and the mayor is very fine. How do you separate the entrepreneur from the mayor and vice versa?

MT: There is not a separation and there never will be. I am proud of being an entrepreneur, and I pay my taxes. I want to make it clear that I have not participated in the business of the vineyards. I planted my first vineyards four years ago, and the vines are not blooming or giving fruit yet, so there is not a business there. I have never planted a tomato with the public budget, and I never will.

ASM: About businesses, does Hacienda de Guadalupe have privileges or parking spaces for being the mayor’s property?

MT: The parking lot outside Hacienda de Guadalupe is not the hotel’s. Other hotels have spaces, as well and those are used to avoid vehicular congestion in the historic center. I believe that parking spaces must be a constant in this area.

ASM: Is there something else that you want to say in addition?

MT: It is important to have a city with no rumors. If I have caused them as a public servant, I apologize for it to the citizens. If there has been a lack of clarity, I apologize, and there will be time for improving the situations.

In context

Mayor Mauricio Trejo (still on his leave of absence at the time of this interview), who had been attacked in the media for alleged recordings involving him with diverting public budgets “for the times that come,” referring to the electoral process, and also accused of manipulation of information on the death of an American woman, Bobbie Mary Nagy, asked for a leave of absence for more than two months. The unexpected request occurred on Saturday, March 7, and it was approved by the city councilors and the assistant mayor (all from the PRI party), while the PAN city councilors, as well as those of the PRD, decided not to attend the city council meeting.

A press release from the City Hall Public Relations Department stated that Mayor Trejo had asked for that permit in order to keep working hard for Sanmiguelenses.

When Trejo asked for the leave, he never mentioned that it was due to the fact that he had an offer for candidacy as local deputy through proportional representation. His leave caused several rumors that assured, among other hypotheses, that he left the local administration because he knew that he would be attacked in national media. Such an attack happened three days after he left the office.

And it was on March 10, on national television on the program Punto de Partida, hosted by journalist Denisse Maerker, that Trejo was accused of manipulating the information related to the death of Bobbie Mary Nagy. Allegedly, he asked his employees to handle the death as a suicide before the investigations of the competent authorities were completed. This happened at a moment when members of the foreign community living in the World’s Best City had been victims of crime.

The information was clarified later when the experts from the Ministerio Público proved that Nagy’s death had been a suicide. This information was confirmed to Atención by the then District Attorney, René Urrutia de la Vega. On the other hand, Trejo sent the recordings to be analyzed by experts and determine their veracity. He also gave Atención the copy of the expert results on the recording related to the diverting the public budget, but he did not gave us anything related to the Nagy case.


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