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Anything is Possible!

By Deborah Miller

From somewhere deep within me, I heard Mother India whisper Lesson One. You are not in control. You never really are. People come to me for many things and what I give each of them are opportunities to open their minds and hearts ever wider…chances to grow from within…to loosen the stuck places, nourish their souls with the notion that anything is possible. I stepped out of the Delhi Airport, ready to accept what India had to show me.

Anything is Possible! Travel to India
Tue, Feb 17, 5-7pm
Casa Rosada Hotel
Cuna de Allende 12
Contact Deborah 044 415 112-8126

It quickly became clear that I was not in Kansas anymore. My five senses were bombarded from all directions, the crazy traffic, the blaring horns, ginger and cardamom wafting from the chaiwalla’s pot, the paan digestive lighting my tastebuds like fireworks with bursts of betel leaf, lime and cardamom-sweet, tangy, and juicy all at once, the luxurious feel of handspun khadi cotton, and the colors! So many colors: ruby, emerald, turquoise, glittering like jewels in the sun. India is full of surprises.

Once I relaxed into the rhythm of India, amazing things began to unfold. While walking in the park, I noticed only the constant honking of every vehicle on the road. With each honk, I was becoming more and more agitated. I thought, what if I focus upon all the sounds that surround me, not just the honking? Slowly, other sounds began to appear: the birds singing, the street sweepers’ swoosh-swoosh, the hearty laughter of the Laughing Club, chants of morning prayers, leaves rustling in the gentle breeze. Yes, the horns were still blaring, but they were no longer my focus, they just melted into the symphony of the morning sounds.

Eating became a complete sensory experience: the colors, flavors, and aromas of the curries and eating with my hands. As children we are told don’t play with your food, but in India it is encouraged! My hands, wrist deep into my food, feeling the warmth, the textures, infusing it with the five elements that are present in my five fingers, molding it to the right consistency to pop it into my mouth, connected me to my food in a way that nourished my entire being.

Travel for me is always a life changing event. I have been visiting India since 1992 and lived there for seven years. The lessons of acceptance and letting go are an ongoing process and apply no matter where I am. Like an artichoke, India has many layers. The outer leaves are tough and bitter, they must be scraped to eat it, but as you get closer to the center, it becomes softer and sweeter. At the very core is the prize, the tender heart of the artichoke. Please join us for a special free presentation on travel to India as we peel back the layers of this amazing country. Bring your five senses!


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