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Second Woman’s Wisdom Conference

By Irma Rosado

What is women’s wisdom and why is it important right now in our world? We have been living in a male dominated world, based on Chinese teachings, the rational, the yang side of the brain, the external, ranking, hierarchy, power over others.
With the good and the bad it has brought us to where we are now in our world. The problem is when there is too much masculine, or too much feminine, there is an imbalance of energy. Therefore it goes to the extreme of itself, creating disease. The masculine, which is external, focuses on materialistic valuing of life and not enough internal focus and valuing of one’s emotional and spiritual life.
One of the major consequences of this imbalance is climate change. Statistics also show some serious consequences: one out of three people will have cancer in their lifetime;,one out of four people have diabetes which has seen increase of 700 percent in 50 years, and 80 percent of people in the industrial “modern” worlds take some sort of antidepressant, antipsychotic, anti-anxiety, or pain pill. The US alone consumes 80 per cent of the world’s pain pills.
The masculine and feminine, the spiritual and material, the emotional and rational, yin and yang must come back into balance otherwise, we will have to pay the consequences.
So what is Women’s Wisdom and what does it have to offer?
Women’s Wisdom creates connection. It nurtures and nothing grows without being nurtured. It creates relationships, interdependence, and links life. It is emotional intelligence; it is intuitive. This sustains life. It’s time for women to come out of the closet.
Where is grandmother wisdom? Why don’t older women have an important role to play in society?
Grandmothers thought in terms of relationships and this is was the bond with family and community that was more important than what the person owned or what a person’s social status was.
Grandmothers don’t want to keep up with the Jones. They are the story tellers, using a very important way of passing down traditions. They hold the wisdom and are the link between our ancestors and future generations.
Rita de Brito: Life long educator believes that the best way to live is to give.
Willian Mendenhall: Retired teacher of philosophy and medical ethics and social justice. He now owns Café Monet.
Ethan Emery: Architect, Artist, Entrepreneur.
Luz María Núñez: Professional in communications, she is an advocate of women´s rights and was the first woman in SMA who became city major.
Azzah Manukova is the director of an ongoing video library of interviews on Women’s Wisdom and has been conducting transformation seminars on five continents for 30 years.
Youtube channel: Azzah Manukova.
Irma Rosado has been working for NGO’s for over 35 years and has produced TV and radio programs on empowering women and women’s health issues and is the promoter for various women cooperatives.

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