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The Danger of Corporate Processed Foods

By Jock Ferguson

Corporate industrial processed foods are now known to be causing serious health problems around the world. Many of these industrial processed foods secretly have a low-level of needed nutrients and highly toxic GMO ingredients. Is the reality of what is in corporate processed foods ever publicly disclosed? Never! Food corporations use suspect words in their advertising to seduce people to eat their industrial processed foods. Here are some examples.


In reality, “sweet” processed foods are secretly overloaded with sugar, artificial sweeteners, and high fructose GMO corn syrup and color chemicals.


The word “fresh” in market processed food products can be 100 percent fake or fraudulent. Processed foods are manufactured in major global-warming and air-polluting factories and then shipped around the world to be sold. Keeping them fresh requires chemical preservatives to make each product endure a long time in supermarkets.


The word “cheap” is promoted to seduce people to spend less money and buy corporate processed foods. In reality most cheap foods have very low-level nutrients. This is why all this junk food is so damaging. Shopping at Walmart⎯especially here in Mexico⎯gets everyone lots of low-level nutritional junk food. A lot of this is “cheap” food from China.

Taste Bud Impairment

Corporate advertising propaganda results in many people using just their taste buds to choose nothing but “yummy” processed junk food. This eliminates the use of brains to properly learn what foods have the best nutrients for their health. Three of the worst corporate processed junk foods⎯certainly loaded with fake flavors⎯are widely used in hamburgers, hot dogs, and French fries. Most are loaded with fat, sugar, toxic GMO ingredients, and contain little real meat as well as very few good nutrients.

Daily Diet Habit Changes

The best way to reduce health risks is to buy and eat natural local food and eliminate eating processed foods as soon as possible. Eating traditional local food, just as the indigenous groups did, can lead to better physical and mental activity and reduce spending on health care. Train your brain to prefer healthy, local nutritious foods rather than unhealthy higher-calorie corporate food.

Local organic food produced in the San Miguel de Allende area is far superior on every nutritional level than all junk food. Make a quick switch and have a healthier, more enjoyable, longer lasting life. De-corporatizing daily eating can get people much closer to the health levels the traditional indigenous groups had here in Mexico.

Jock Ferguson is member of the board of The Global Justice Center. From 2000 until 2010, he ran a consulting business from San Miguel (based in New York) helping the US Department of Justice recover US$287.5 million from two major corporations who stole money from the government through fraud.


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