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No more fireworks in San Miguel

By Antonio De Jesús Aguado

A letter submitted to Atención states that the “so-called tradition of firing of mortar fire works” is not appreciated by the vast majority of the residents—Mexican or expats—of San Miguel de Allende; for that reason there is a petition to sign a letter to end with the noise.

“Ardently enforce all city noise abatement ordinances for San Miguel de Allende” notes the letter. The document also states that the explosions are unnecessary and serve no meaningful or justifiable purpose; the letter argues that the noise is detrimental to the health and well-being of many residents and that it disrupts the tranquility of neighbors. It assures that devaluation of property values of homes located in neighborhoods afflicted by such noise by discouraging others from buying properties in those neighborhoods. The noise also harms tourism and has a negative impact on the worldwide reputation of San Miguel as the best place to live in the world.  Some sanmiguelenses say that they will defend the tradition.

Eleazar Romero, lawyer and traditionalist

The firing off of fireworks is a tradition that dates from the 16th century and it is an expression of feelings such as “happiness for the festivities,” but it also means purification for the city to release it from evil. The fireworks were brought to the territory by the conquerors and at that time, the natives wanted to find a way to connect with God and they found it in the fireworks. Besides in some cases the fireworks are used to attract the rain. The city is renowned for its happiness and sound of fireworks.

Those who want to fight against the tradition; should not talk with the local authorities but with the Secretariat of National Defense which authorizes the burning of powder. Those who are annoyed because of the sound “they can use ear plugs” because in San Miguel we are going to defend our traditions and the local government supports them.

Gloria Navarrete, dance teacher

The firing off of fireworks is an ancient and long-established tradition; to eliminate it will be impossible. The topic has been discussed several times and it has not succeeded because people oppose it. If somebody does not like the noise, they can look for another place to live.

Soledad Hernández, captain of an Aztec dance of colonia San Antonio

Sanmiguelenses are who make the decisions and not even the presidents have been able to suppress the tradition. The favor of suppressing the tradition must come from God, not from groups of foreigners nor from the authorities.

Alex Rojas, pre-Hispanic dancer

Their petition will not succeed because the sanmiguelenses are accustomed to the noise and we love and participate in our traditions.

Natividad Jaramillo, captain of an indigebous dance of El Valle

We do not go to other countries or cities to try to change their traditions, they won´t even would pay attention to us. They will not succeed.

Marisol Vidargas, member of the Tradicionalistas group

Be they Mexican or expat, all of them come to the city and fall in love with it but when they move, they want to change what they do not like. I am surprised about these comments because the fireworks are part of San Miguel. Sometimes the noise is harmful. I understand that but I do not know anyone who is against the tradition. Those who do not like the noise can look for another place to live.

The letter lists some of the “so-called” reasons for firing off the fireworks and finishes stating that it is time to ask to the local authorities to intensify efforts against this type of activity for the protection of the health and tranquility of all in San Miguel de Allende.


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