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Reflections of the feminine

By Melissa Eidson

Work by Joy J. Wade

Reflections of the Feminine
Until May 26
San Francisco 10

Alive, playful, honest, light filled, energetic and true are the first words that come to mind upon seeing the paintings of Joy J. Wade. Who are these women, beguiling her to paint them, as she is bent over for hours, Jackson Pollock style, at quite an arduous task? Joy is quick to explain how they arrive on their own terms, how she must paint them as they require. She “simply” brings them alive in her paintings of brilliant color combinations that burst out at the viewer. Sometimes camouflaged, the women are very much a part of the background and yet, at once, they are the center of attention. The eye cannot escape their gaze. They control the viewer, as the painter, and finally it is up to us to decide: Are they simply women, muses, objects of desire? Or are they in control—asking to be found in all of their flourishing colors, taunting the senses to come alive, to be aware of beauty, to take hold of the light-filled moment, gazing at us as we have gazed at them in paintings of women from Renoir to Manet? But these women are painted by a woman as strong, confident beings. While they may be lounging or in some other passive pose, they are absolutely in possession of the feminine, that which celebrates their own divinely creative nature. As we see them, we become them—and maybe not—but we must pay attention to their message, and this messenger, a wondrous woman carrying her creations from the womb and delighting in their marvelous manifestations on canvas.

About the Artist:

Joy J. Wade’s vibrant artwork is in many private and public collections worldwide, a few of which include London and the US, Australia and Mexico. However, Joy is not only a visual artist; her work includes performance art, photographic collaborations and sculpture combined with an innovative system of psycho-therapy practiced for over 20 years.

In describing her work, Joy states,” My process is to be open to the colors, the action and movement with the paint and the passion of the moment. As I paint on the floor, it is a very physical conversation, full of surprises. Having lived all over the world, there is a wealth of influences I have absorbed along the way; these are always part of this journey of self-expression, which is a pleasure to share.”

Previously Joy was a London-based artist. Now living in Mexico, she is inspired by a celebration of the colors, combined with a more daring technique which is reflected in all her work.


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