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Security Tips

Parking your vehicle

If it is possible, do not park your car on the street  but in a public parking lot.

If you have to park your car on the street, look for a spot near your destination.

If it is late, park your car in an area that will be well-lit during the night.

Never leave the keys in the ignition.

If you have valuables, leave them in the trunk.

Do not leave any documents inside the car; criminals could learn your name, address or phone number from them.

Keep your driver’s license and personal documents in your wallet or purse, never in the glove compartment.

Never leave jackets in the car, which could lead to a criminal to think there might be valuables in the pockets.

Do not leave the trunk key with employees of parking lots.

Never give information to parking lot employees about where will you be or what time you will be back.

Walking on the street

Plan your route in advance.

Try to have a whistle with you and use it if it is necessary.

Do not walk alone at night.

Avoid isolated places such as parks, parking lots and narrow streets.

Do not wear showy jewelry or watches; they draw the attention of the criminals.

Wear comfortable shoes and clothes, so you can run in case of an emergency.

Carry only the necessary amount of money for that day.

Do not carry purses with long sttraps.

Never talk with strangers about your personal life or with friends in front of strangers.

Leave important documents at home if you do not need them with you.

Always walk through well-lit streets and in the middle of the street if possible.

Do not use earphones, which can distract you from noticing what is going on around you.

If a suspected criminal is following you in a car, speed up and walk down a street going in another direction.

Do not get into vehicles of strangers.

To help prevent muggings

The characteristics of a criminal are unpredictable, but you can be on the lookout for suspicious behavior, such as someone who keeps his hands in his pockets or out of sight and glances around repeatedly.

Overconfidence is a serious mistake; never think “this will never happen to me.”

If you feel you could be in danger, walk away in another direction.

Maintain your distance from someone you think might be suspicious.

If a suspicious person is walking toward you, cross to the other side of the street and watch his reaction. If he crosses with you, the probability of an attack is higher.

Most muggers look for low-risk situations, so if you suspect you are being targeted try to move into a crowded area; if that is not possible, change your direction and maintain your distance.

If a suspected mugger increases his pace, run and maintain a distance. Try to call the emergency number. If you keep running, the criminal will give up and will look for another unprepared victim because he does not want to draw attention to himself.


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 photo RSMAtnWebAdRed13.jpg

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