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Letter received in Atención office


First of all, my deep condolences to the family of Marcia Dworkin. She was a friend and a good neighbor in Manjarrez de Mexiquito.

You may not be aware that Marcia was going blind in the last years of her life. The loss of most of her sight forced her to give up her car. It is highly unlikely that she was walking home in the rain on the evening of September 15. She almost certainly had taken a taxi. Marcia ALWAYS asked the taxi driver to wait until she got into the house. She also had an alarm system in her home, and a panic button. I am not an Investigator, but it doesn’t take one to put together some important pieces.

This incident pains me deeply. I was a victim of 3 burglaries, one mugging, and had my car battery and license plate stolen…all in that small, isolated community. Most of these incidents were reported to the Policia Preventiva and/ or the Ministerio Publico. Nothing happened. Incidents of that kind became a regular event in that neighborhood which remains a nice mix of Mexican and expatriate residents. Almost all of the  folks are middle class people who rejected the idea of residing in a gated community. So much for that wish.

Am I blaming the Police? Of course not! They are put on 24 hour patrols, paid little, and are expected to perform at maximum efficiency. Am I blaming Ministerio Publico? They are overwhelmed with criminal incidents small and large. When a thief is finally caught, he is usually out of jail within 48 hours. Every young pickpocket and burglar and car thief in town knows the deal, and they function with impunity.

This is not about drug cartels, people! This is about small groups of bands that have been holding our town hostage for years. We are talking about desperate young men, unskilled, without jobs, who prey on fellow Mexicans and foreigners alike.. especially around fiesta periods when they need money to buy drugs, alcohol and the like.

I, for one, am tired of it. I am tired of all the unsolved crimes, of all the excuses on the part of the Administration, and of having seen too many good people whose homes and property have  been violated. Most if all, I am saddened by the LACK OF WILL exhibited by my fellow sanmiguelenses. Everybody is angry now, but the theme next week will be: “don’t rock the boat!”

Three years ago, we formed the MSC. It worked for awhile, and then when tensions eased, everyone went back to what they were doing. We got one clear message:  no security organization here is going to work without the cooperation and involvement of the Mexican Community! Joyous Heart’s death last February was solved because pressure was brought to bear on the Mayor by not just the foreign community, but outraged Mexicans. But what about all the other unsolved crimes? In 16 years here, I give never heard of stolen items having been returned to their rightful owners! Who is looking out for the residents?

David Lewis and Lou Christine are correct: Pressure has to be brought to bear on those in positions of power, or we will soon lose the goose that laid the golden egg! Basta Ya!

David Bossman


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