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Social dance and the Neanderthal Syndrome

By Leonardo Rosen

As a man, it is not pleasant for me to say that our greatest problem in the world of social dance is men. Over the years, I’ve written other articles attempting to explain why many (most?) men don’t want to dance. The best explanation that I can come up with is that they have a morbid fear of looking ridiculous.

Danzón w/El Danzón y Otros Ritmos Bailables con el Club de Danzón Mercerina
Sun, Feb 17, 1-3pm & 5-7pm
Jardín Principal
Admission is free
For more information, please call 152-6385 (Educación y Cultura) or 154-5840 (Leonardo Rosen)

Men, I have news for you. Must of us men already look ridiculous, even without dancing. Why? This is because when we were very young, we were brainwashed with the idea that it was “sissy” for a man to be graceful in anything but sports, which, of course, doesn’t include figure skating. Instead, we were trained that the height of masculine behavior was to lurch around like a tribe of Neanderthals. That is, with feet and knees splayed outward, a kyphotic curve of the vertebral column and no idea of what to do with hands that are not holding a beer and a sandwich. What nonsense! This “manly man” absurdity has horrified many self-respecting women. But, what can they do? They can only deal with what’s out there.

Women love to dance and know that they don’t have to be Pavlova in order to do it and enjoy it. It is very sad that so many women are forced to sit on the side in social dance events.

It is unjust that so many husbands refuse to dance with their own wives. It isn’t that there are not enough men. It’s that there are too damned many of them who refuse to dance. Guys, it is okay to dance. You don’t have to be Fred Astaire. If you dance, you will give great pleasure to the women in your lives. If you are unattached and you dance, you’ll meet the nicest and most interesting women. Based on my own life experience, I think this far better than spending the night on a bar stool getting sloshed and talking silly “bull—t.” Talk about looking, and sounding, ridiculous!

My object here is not to insult or offend my fellow men. I just ask you to please think about what you are doing. In social dance, we need you and want you. Guys who are new to our world are welcomed and appreciated. To the man who says, “I can’t dance. I have two left feet,” I answer, “That’s excellent, because you’ll always know with which foot to start!”

A good place to start is at El Danzón y Otros Ritmos Bailables con el Club de Danzón Mercerina. Admission is free. For more information, please call 152-6385 (Educación y Cultura) or 154-5840 (Leonardo Rosen). We always play the best Latin dance music. ¡Pa’ Bailar y Pa’ Gozar con Ritmo y Sabor!

Many thanks to Victor Manuel Velázquez, Director of Environment & Ecology of San Miguel, for the lovely certificates of recognition presented to the Club de Danzón “Mercerina” and to me on Sunday, February 3, in the Parque Juárez. Thanks also to Eric Morales and Juan Méndez of that department, and of course, to Mauricio Trejo, Presidente Municipal.



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