Love yourself to life

By Kristal Calderoni

I really  enjoyed  reading the August 3 weight-loss article written by my colleague,  Liz Montes,  in which she drives home two salient points which are keys to maintaining any successful weight loss battle: 1. AEROBIC: regularly maintaining a cardio program of moderate intensity (30 minutes of brisk walking/swimming five days per week) interspersed with  vigorous (1.5 hours jogging/aerobic class).  2. ANAEROBIC: Strength training  twice per week (using machines or any other weight-resistant object.) She mentions BMR (basic metabolic rate) and shows how the relation between our ancestors (hunters/gatherers) and our modern-day metabolisms are intertwined inextricably by the myriad of cellular activity, much like furnaces which need nutrients to burn more efficiently at higher rates… which is like saying people who have higher metabolisms are burning more calories in a more efficient manner. The inverse is also true:  those who sit, read, eat, drive their computers all day and  shirk exercise completely  are lowering their BMR,  making it less efficient to burn calories and storing more fat at any given moment.   This all makes sense but where am I going with this?

I find it inconceivable that so many people I meet  or train/teach have no idea what their BMR means nor how many calories their bodies (high-performance cars) need daily to either maintain their weight, gain a pound of muscle or lose a pound of body fat.  Everyone these days knows exactly how to diet and take care of their bodies (I would say  80 percent of all my past/present clients fall into this category), but when it comes to reality, their bodies represent neglect, abuse, ignorance and a lifestyle of destruction or non-use. If most people see themselves as healthy (taking all of their prescribed meds) whilst still combating diabetes, hypertension,  high cholesterol,  having body fat levels which exceed 30 percent, waist to hip measurements which are beyond the recommended levels for coronary heart disease, what does this  say about the way most of our population is living?  In denial! This is the heart of the matter, the meat of the problem and that is why I am on a mission to change the way people see themselves and to take their lives into their hearts again. We can’t keep putting us off.

I read the breakthrough book Younger Next Year:  Turn back your biological clock by Dr. Henry S. Lodge/Chris Crowley which focuses on the next third stage of life:  living like 50 until you’re 80 and beyond.  I think there are a few readers who can relate so I will continue this topic next week and hope you will follow me as well.  Don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done!

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