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Trejo wants to be San Miguel’s best mayor

By Antonio De Jesús Aguado

During the 60 days the mayoral candidates had to campaign, Mauricio Trejo visited rural communities and many colonias, attended forums, signed commitments and convinced more than 29,000 sanmiguelenses to vote for him. The newly elected mayor says he wants to be the best mayor that San Miguel has ever had. Trejo talked to Atención about how he will work to improve employment opportunities, security and tourism; how he is going to work with the expat community and nonprofit organizations; how he will select his directors; and how he will run an administration that could be handed over under the same conditions of 2009—in bankruptcy.

On July 1, election day, Trejo gathered with his family to await the election results. “Our electoral representatives reported the results immediately, and we knew that we were going to win because the trend was in our favor. We were very happy,” commented Trejo. “We ran a campaign to win the citizens’ trust, which brought us a historic tally of more than 29,000 votes,” said Trejo, who added that they were expecting a victory but not with so many votes.

Already working in the campo

Trejo said that when they visited the rural communities the request they heard most frequently was that the municipal authorities not forget about the rural areas. For that reason, he and his team have already begun visiting rural communities to thank residents for their support and “to start fulfilling our commitments,” as Trejo put it. He also commented that he will have an excellent connection with the state and federal governments, and that he had a telephone conversation with the newly elected governor, Miguel Márquez Márquez. Trejo assured him that San Miguel’s local government will be the best to work with in the whole state and that he is committed to the governor’s plans for San Miguel. “I want sanmiguelenses to know that I plan to work with lots of love and conviction,” said Trejo, and for that reason he will make scheduled visits to the rural communities and neighborhoods every three months to check on the progress of projects that have been initiated and to launch new projects or find out why there are not projects in those places.

Plans for the municipality

According to Trejo, before starting the campaign he had already plotted out 90 percent of the projects he intends to undertake. The final 10 percent, he said, will be additional requests from citizens that he had not considered. Trejo also commented that his plans cover many areas that need improvement, such as tourism; social, urban and economic development; security; and quality education, among others. Trejo said that he is honest and hard-working and that everything is possible if there is a good relationship among the different levels of government so that financial resources can be available.

In terms of tourism, he said that San Miguel de Allende is already internationally positioned as one of the top 10 places that tourists want to visit, and for that reason his government will work to intelligently promote the destination to attract tourists with the most buying power, through the construction of a local airport (at a cost of 9 million pesos).

He said he will work toward creating better accesses to the city with high-quality roads leading from Highway 57 to San Miguel de Allende and from Silao to the city. “We will use any means necessary to build these accesses,” he said.

To attract business tourism during the week he said he and his staff will keep working on the idea of a convention center, and after that an auditorium. According to Trejo, on average tourists stay in the city only 1.7 days and do not stay longer because there is a lack of infrastructure and activities.

Trejo said he regrets the recent criminal activity in the city, although he added that “in San Miguel, we still live in paradise.” He said that to enhance security in San Miguel he will work to improve the economy through attracting more tourism, which will allow local business owners to recoup some lost income. He also said his government will work with the municipal DIF (national system for Integral Family Development) to support Mexican families. The elected mayor commented that businesspeople need to adopt a culture of prevention and also need to behave responsibly. “The prevention of crime is hard work, but it is possible,” he said.

Economic development

With the aim of generating employment during his administration, he will work to create an industrial zone that will bring jobs not just for people from the urban area but also those from the campo, and his government will facilitate the establishment of new companies according to the law, he said. He will allow construction of new developments and stipulate that developers hire sanmiguelenses; he is also committed to hiring local laborers for public works projects. He said his government will help the campesinos gauge the agricultural market’s demands so they can sell their crops and be part of the global economy.

Trejo hopes for healthy finances

The current administration inherited debt from the previous administration and had to operate with insufficient funds. Trejo said that as a citizen he was concerned about that deficit, but as mayor he “will be there to solve the problems.” He commented that the current mayor, Luz María Núñez, was one of the main critics of that situation, and he does not think she will hand over an administration under the same conditions. “I have faith that I will take over an orderly administration, and I ask for that,” he said, but he added that “we are contemplating all kinds of scenarios.”

The new directors

The elected mayor commented that his departmental directors will come from the private sector and political institutions, and he made it clear that they will be the best candidates, with attitude, aptitude and commitment. As mayor, he said, he must have people he trusts around him. He has not ruled out rehiring some of the current directors. He said that he will not fire them before assessing their work, but if they do not give the expected results they will be replaced.

Relations with the expat community

Trejo said that his relationship with the expat community will be direct and without representatives and will be one of much respect. He acknowledge that it is a participative, charitable and model community that has not received acknowledgment or attention from the local government. “I will work with them to make them feel safe so they can help me to restore San Miguel de Allende. If they want to participate, I will be a facilitator.” He added that he can also receive valuable input from the municipality’s nonprofit organizations.

Finally, Trejo expressed his gratitude to all those who voted for him and said that in less than a year he will also gain the trust of those who did not.  He invited the citizens to use the media as ambassadors for the local government.

The new city council

On Thursday, July 4, Trejo received from the IEGG the document that acknowledged him as elected mayor of San Miguel de Allende, with a total of 29,323 votes, which allows him to have on his city council five councilors from the PRI party, as well as the assistant mayor. Four city councilors will be from the PAN party, which came in second in the election, and one from the PRD. The city council is made up of 12 members plus the secretary, who does not have the right to vote during city council meetings.

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