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ART this week in San Miguel

Fen Lasell Taylor guests at Galería Izamal

By Henry Vermillion

Well-known San Miguel artist Fen Lasell Taylor is the guest artist at Galería Izamal for a month, beginning with a reception. Galería Izamal is in the heart of downtown San Miguel de Allende next door to the Ángela Peralta Theater.

Art: Opening of Fen Lasell exhibit. Sat, Jan 28, 6-8pm, Galería Izamal, Mesones 80

Fen Taylor began her artistic career as a set and costume designer for theater in the Boston area. While her children were young, she wrote and illustrated children’ s books; after that, she has devoted her time to painting, her first love. Her love for nature and animals is clear upon seeing her art. She paints trees, dogs, wolves, cats and more, including the occasional human being. A devoted gardener, she has in the past written gardening columns for newspapers.

Her paintings are not haphazard or sloppy. On the contrary, all are the result of solid draftsmanship and a wonderful sense of design. The forms of a tree, for example, are curving, interlocking shapes. The tree’s colors are vivid, fresh and beautiful. The forms are inventive and sometimes surprising; a simple bouquet of flowers is an organized explosion of color. “In my painting, I aim to take the viewer on a visual adventure,” she says. In this, she succeeds.

The work of Izamal artists and jewelers Patricia de León, Juan Ezcurdia, Javier García, David Godínez, Javier González, Henry Vermillion and Britt Zaist will continue to be seen at the gallery. The public and friends of the artists are invited.

Zoë Siegel–Circles & Lines

By Melanie Harris de Maycotte

There is something very peaceful about entering a space designed by Zoë Siegel.  Not just when entering the beautiful homes she designs but in the spaces where her forms are non-functional and purely exist as a beautiful distraction from the chaos of life.  The physical act of walking through Siegel’s wire and paper portal is a little Alice in Wonderland-esque in the way you can almost forget where you are and thus experience the new setting as a child would a new playground.  This is the experience of walking into Galería/Atelier for Siegel’s exhibit Circles & Lines.

Art: Opening of Circles & Lines By Zoë Siegel. Sat, Feb, 4, 6-9pm. Galería Atelier, Fábrica La Aurora

The simplicity and innate lightness of Siegel’s sculptures is what defines her work.  An artist interested in the motion of gesture, her work tends to be about the pursuit to solidify motion and to give body and vitality to the ephemeral.  Some of her sculptures literally move while others simply imply movement.  White is the prevailing color of her translucent paper sculptures however a few accents of color appear in the shape of imperfect circles and lines which seem to imply the presence of some organic being that has worked its way into the dialogue.

Light plays a major role in Siegel’s work – its ability to permeate, the way it highlights or is reflected were major considerations of the artist during her process.   Most of the light is innate in the white paper and the rest is applied at the time of exhibition to create the drama and to add the finishing touches that will change depending on the space in which they ultimately reside.  The conversation of duality is also a major theme to note in her work: physical space/peripheral space, heaviness/lightness, sexy/unsexy, feminine/masculine, together/apart, offering/receiving, one/two.

“I want to develop a dialogue between gravity and flight,” explains Siegel.  “The forms are born out of lines in space.  I use line as a sign language, finding its phrases, articulating its meaning, playing with its poetry.   Wire bones and membrane skin create the structure; they also reveal the process of how the piece was made, its history.”

Participation is highly encouraged as Siegel tempts the viewer to participate in the space she creates by offering them passage through portals and over “bridges”.  To be in her space is a mindful experience that is meant to resonate throughout the body of those who are physically entering her world.

The public is invited to experience the work and meet the artist, Zoë Siegel, during the Aurora 8th Anniversary Party. The show is open to the public until February 29, 2012. For a PDF catalog please e-mail the gallery at


Witness to the Mexican Experience Exhibit Benefits Santa Julia Girls

By Robin Loving Rowland & Manfred Guthe, photos by Manfred Guthe

Each of us is constantly reawakened to Mexico’s amazing differences as we traverse the country, and many of us attempt to capture that in photography; but, not all of us succeed in making a bold statement about the diversity of our experiences.  That’s where the professionals excel, and the photography of Manfred Guthe is a grand new addition to the professional palette of people, places and performances we experience in Mexico.

Art: Photo Exhibit Witness to the Mexican Experience. Sat, Feb 4, 5-9pm. Galería Atenea, Jesús 2

In his “Witness to the Mexican Experience” exhibit, Guthe debuts his Mexican photography for the first time in Mexico.  A noted Canadian cinematographer (remember his movie Poltergeist the Legacy?), Guthe first visited Mexico in the 1970s.  His was not the greatest of experiences at that time, so it took some urging to get him back; but, once here, he was compelled to capture the Mexico of our time, and his images reflect his eye for detail.

Guthe’s “Witness to the Mexican Experience” photo exhibit will debut at a reception at Galeria Atenea at Jesus 2 to benefit the Santa Julia girls. People, celebrations and architecture of San Miguel, Queretaro and Mexico City dominate the show and are reflected in three of Guthe’s books that will be on sale to benefit the girls, as well.

“I call these street photographs,” he said, “with vivid colors illuminating architecture, old and new, pleasing to the eye; and an ocean of animated faces, which offered me a portrait of human history, on parade, people comfortable in their skin and in their country.”

The exhibition will feature unique perspectives from the ancient, the world’s largest, and the modernity of Guthe’s newly chosen country, and will run through February 16.  Each of these 20 plus photos has a limited edition of 10 prints on archival paper, each signed by Manfred, who has had many commercial successes with his work in exhibitions in Toronto. His cinematic credits include films for Disney, ABC, NBC, CBS, MGM, and others. For more information about this exhibit or commissions, contact Manfred Guthe at

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